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I'm a newly minted PRC licensed real estate broker legally authorized to practice real estate services here in the Philippines. I'm also a blogger and writer. Hope to hear and learn more from you!

Daniel Andrei Garcia

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Delightful Branding Through Guest Blogging

Remember back then when websites were static pages with colors that often hurt the eyes? Comic Sans the font, was quite acceptable to use. If you had a GIF image background with purple glittering stars or falling snow, people often went “Wow, how did you do that?”I was in my second year ...

New Zealand's Marketing Strategy

With a picturesque landscape worthy of a Monet or a Rembrandt, New Zealand is embarking on a multipronged marketing campaign that’s aimed to make people do more than just click. As a matter of fact, they are actively enjoining people to get off not just their seats, but also their countries.A ...

World Cup 2014: Do You Believe in Your Brand?

The crowd was hushed as throngs of people wearing red, white and blue paint on their faces eagerly awaited. Over the distance, many more people wearing the same colors filed in and out of the stadium bearing all sorts of things from popcorn, soda cans, french fries and more.Something important was ...

The Pay What You Like Business Model

“Pay what you like”It worked for the Humble Bundle series where people can buy online games for whatever price they like. I’m staking my reputation that it could work in the real world too. RationaleModern life entails that everything we need, use and consume for our lives has to ...