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Akanksha has been working in Marketing since 2008 and is always open to learning new things. She is now self-employed - blogger, health coach and also partners a distribution business.


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Social Media Statistics - Where to Get and What to Do?

These days, every big or small business uses social media but not everyone is getting the most out of it. The reason is the level of research they do. Social media was once taken lightly and even having a presence was enough to get an edge over the competitors. These days, social media has become a ...

Here’s Why this is so Critical in Branding: Top 5 Reasons

Information age has made it easier for people to set us global businesses and compete against each other in the worldwide market. More people are building the business today and hence building a brand name has become more difficult than ever before. However, with every change happening in the envir ...

5 Advanced Features of Google Analytics

SEO tactics are leaned and applied to websites all over the world. Google Analytics turns out to be the one most popular tool that is used to measure the performance of a website and understand the visitor behavior. It is the best of free analytics tools and is widely used to track visitors and th ...

5 Key Points to Increase E-mail Marketing Effectiveness

Email marketing is still used as a medium for online marketing. The reason is direct approach and higher intimacy related to email marketing. But all email marketing campaigns are not effective; some may result in very low opening rates and negligible sales. Then one feels weather the cost of email ...

3 Most Effective Twitter Marketing Tips Anyone Could Use

Twitter has been the top social networking website for many years in spite of its limited functionality. For a blogger or any business, it is important how and why to use Twitter for his business.Yes, Twitter has the power to bring unlimited traffic to your blog because it has innumerable users and ...