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I am a journalist and author from South Africa.

Giulia Simolo

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Twitter Bird Takes a Small Nosedive

Twitter has recently been the protagonist of some bad news: the social networking site was discovered to be lagging when it came to its timeline views, which is an important measure for advertisers. But that's not the only thing that has gone wrong…Slow FlightThere has also been a slow u ...

Branding Quotes to Keep You On Your Game

The best entrepreneurs learn from those that have achieved great things before them - but are not afraid to take things one step further. When dealing with issues such as branding for your business, get inspired with these thirteen quotes. 1. "You can't have style if you don’t h ...

Four Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid

 Your landing pages are an important way to attract people to your brand, so make sure you avoid these mistakes when setting yours up.It’s very name displays what it is - a landing page is a page on a website where traffic will be sent, whether from a banner ad, a link from an email or b ...

Four Social Media Tools That Can Improve Your Business

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the task of setting up and running social media accounts. With some intelligent tools, help is at hand, allowing you to learn more about your audience, do your research and gain the most exposure for your business. Here are four social media tools to ...