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Mihaela is an experienced content writer & online marketer, who enjoys sharing her tips and experiences here on Tego.

Mihaela Schwartz

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Online Marketing: Dos and Don’ts

A constantly growing number of business owners turn towards the online world in order to penetrate new markets, and to increase their market share. However, not all of them know how online marketing works. Faced with a variety of theories, and lots of scams, they often fail to build a successful on ...

Landing Pages Myths Busted

Landing pages represents one of online marketers’ obsessions. Whether you will be talking to a search engine optimization specialist or to an affiliate manager, you will soon learn how important landing pages are for them. All webmasters try to understand how visitors get to their websites, w ...

Generating Leads from Your Website

As a great part of the business world has moved online, internet marketing 101 has become a very important concept within the contemporary market. This does not mean solely building up a website in order to make a presence in the virtual world. It entangles a long term commitment and sustained effo ...

A Beginner’s Guide to Website Monetization

Many people talk about making money online and some really succeed to earn quite impressive amounts every month. The web abounds in success stories. But is there a monetization recipe? Where should someone new to blogging and Internet marketing start? What are the steps to follow in order to start ...