10 Global Marketing Advertisement Tips

Advertisement is a sales technique that’s carried out through persuasion of the written word. When writing your advertisement campaign keep in mind that every advertising question needs an answer by representative's standards. The principal goal of advertising is to get sales. Advertising mistakes can cost your company thousand of dollars. The goal is to build your ad as effective as possible. When writing your advertising copy focus on the 10 advertising tips to write ads that sell your products.

 1. Centering on your Client, Not You:

When clients read your advertising they are looking to see what they can gain from your product. If the copy only focuses on your company and not your product client’s lose interest and quit recording. Write your copy using first person. Focus on your client as your friend. Many successful advertisements; written in first person perspective; were the ones where the author used “I”.

2. Stress Your Products Benefits, Not Your Products Features:

  • Make a list of your product's features
  • Prepare a list of your product's benefits, these are what the features mean to your customers

When writing your advertising campaign the points to suggest to your clients are the benefits of your merchandise. You need to focus on your readers, his interests and his desires. A full advertising campaign will drive your readers into purchasing your merchandise.

3. Force Your Readers Emotional Hot Buttons

Research is the key to any good advertising campaign. Reading what your client wants and needs is your winner. Doing your homework is important in keeping your clients and making new ones. Your ad should stand out and reach your clients emotional buying state. Remember customers do not like to “be sold to” but they like to buy. Write your ad based on customers' emotions and back up your emotional pitch with logic.

4. Add Proof and Believability To Your Advertisement

When clients read your advertisement make sure they believe all claims you have made. Never leave any doubt in your customer's mind.

  • Stress your company’s trust and public figure
  • Client satisfaction is important to include testimonials in your ad
  • Use facts and research finding to support your claims
  • If your product has gotten any awards include this in your ad
  • State your business return policy and stand by it 

5. (USP) – Unique Selling Proposition

The USP is what separates your product or service from other products and services on the market. Turn your product difference into advantages for you. Look at your competitor’s product and compare, find the difference, and employ them in your ad. Research is the key to writing a good USP to sell your merchandise.

6. Focus On Your Headline 

People do not have much time to read a full advertisement. When skimming a newspaper the advertising that people read more is the ones with a headline that bears out. When customers scan newspapers, they look for:

  • A headline that looks like articles
  • Headline that promise news
  • Headline fonts and type that resemble the fonts and type used in your ad
  • Advertising that is placed where articles are placed and not on a full page of advertising
  • A compelling headline that convinces your reader it is worth reading your ad 

7. The More You Tell, The More You Sell

Studies show that long copy will outperform short copy every time. Write long copy that refers to your merchandise. Do not write long copy that is long and boring or long and non-informative. The Long targeted, relevant copy will attract your client’s attention and he will read your sales letter or advertising. Only include the information you need to make your sales.

8. Write Your Advertisement or Sales Letter to be skimmed

Sales letter layout is important for your company. Make your letter look inviting and refreshing to the eye. Write your sales letter for customers who read the entire letter, the ones who scan your sales letter, and ones who only read the headline, subheads and closing. When composing your letter:

  • Leave enough white space to break up text visually
  • Generous margins will also help
  • Short punchy sentences
  • Keep your paragraphs short
  • Subheads
  • Italicized or underlined words here and there for accent

9. Advertising Structure

When writing your advertisement or sales letter follow the known structure of AIDAS.

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

The successful advertisement captures your prospect’s attention through the headline and lead. Establish a strong interest in your clients to keep them reading your sales letter or ad. Channel your client’s needs by capitalizing on an existing wants. Finally, let your client experience the need of your product through your written words.

10. Takeaway Selling Increases the Urgency To Buy

When a product or service is limited the basic economics dictates the demand will grow. The study indicates that a customer will answer to an offer if they believe the offer is about to become unavailable or limited. The three types of takeaway offers:

  1. Limiting the quantity
  2. Limiting the time
  3. Limiting the offer

Great sales copy is created and not delivered. Your sales letter or advertisement convinces your client to purchase your merchandise. Talk about the benefits of your product not the features. Sell your product on customer’s emotions and reinforce the decision to buy with logic. Advertising paints a compelling picture and irresistible offer that forces your clients to buy now.

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10 Global Marketing Advertisement Tips

Advertisement is a sales technique that’s carried out through persuasion of the written word. When writing your advertisement campaign keep in mind that every advertising question needs an answer by representative's standards. The principal goal of advertising is to get sales. Advertising ... ...

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