10 tricks useful to people read your content


1 Develops short and high impact titles

The best titles have an extension of six words, or between 15 and 65 characters. Tweet this data

2. Add subtitles

Google says that it takes into account more than 200 factors to its algorithm and although some say that the structure is one of them, the real reason for having subtitles is that you helps the user to do a quick scan of your page to determine if it is worthwhile content (normally does within four seconds). 

3. Add links

Here if there is a SEO component. It is said that Google sees light when an article has different links, including intralinks and some links to academic sites such as Wikipedia, but in addition to this, the important thing is to include links prevents you having to explain concepts; If someone wants to deepen, which click in them, that they are a good source of internal traffic. It is important that the links are specific words or concepts and not terms such as "here" or similar.

4 Add lists

The lists again help pages scanning because it breaks the uniformity of the text and facilitate the user to check them at a glance.

5 storytelling

There is nothing so powerful to engage a person to what telling a story do you? Because nobody wants to get out of a movie or stop listening to a story without knowing the end right?

6 Use the passive voice in your listings

If the user makes a scan of the page before reading the content, it means that along with the titles that will read are only the first words of the listings. In this context, what draws our attention is what happened, not who did it; for example: "delegation gay will attend the Olympics, said Obama" is much better that write 'Obama points out that a gay delegation will attend the Olympics'.

7 It concentrates the main information in the first two paragraphs

This is because usually the single user will read these to decide if it stays or goes. Is this called "reading in F" by the movement that make our eyes in the body of the text; and inverted pyramid structure.

8 Use shorter paragraphs, summarizing the content

Currently, since it is much already read from mobile, very extensive articles with long paragraphs tend to scare off readers. It uses an idea per paragraph, two maximum.

9 Write in the second person

Who is the protagonist of your texts? Are you not, and it is not who you speak, is your reader! and therefore, the more help it feel part of your article, most will engage.

10 Reduce the extension

It is true that Google identifies articles how best those who have substance, which doesn't mean necessarily a great extension, but many of the factors that I have mentioned in this note. It is said that once your post should give you a good revised and greatly reduce all that "on and once that is done, repeat the process".



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