4 Cloud Tech Myths That Refuse to Die

People are naturally wary of anything that’s new, and cloud tech is no exception. This is especially prevalent since the big dogs (CEOs, CFO,s etc.) are often in charge of whether or not a company moves into the cloud, and these higher ups are used to things running a certain way. Add in fear mongering and false information about cloud tech that spreads like wildfire, and it’s no wonder that some myths refuse to die.

It’s in every manager, owner and employees’ best interest to keep the business safe and secure. Anyone who’s pushing for adoption of cloud technology is doing so because they’ve done their research and believe the whole company will benefit. Understanding the roots of the biggest myths is the best starting point for education.

Here are some of the biggest whoppers still floating around.

1. It’s expensive

There are certainly very expensive options out there, most often when you go for a dedicated server so that you’re the only client using it. However, shared serving can be very low cost (even free) and still provide fantastic security levels and service. The reality is that it’s almost always more expensive to using old school methods of storage rather than cloud storage.

2. It’s not safe

No means of storing and sharing data is 100 percent safe. However, if you find a reputable cloud company, you’ll discover that they protect data centers much better than you could ever manage on your own. Just how safe do you think your current storage, filing and printing system is? It likely couldn’t stand up against a fire or natural disaster like a good cloud data center can.

3. It’s confusing

Cloud tech from the consumer’s end is designed to be as easy to use as possible. There will be a learning curve with any new adoption, but if your employees are used to working with Microsoft Office, social media and other basic technology, they’ll pick up cloud tech easily.

4. It’s going to make employees want to telecommute

You might got some inquiries (or you might not), but is that a bad thing? Telecommuting is shown in studies to lead to happier and more productive workers. It can also be a tool to lure in the best talent while offering a lower salary in exchange for such a perk. Of course, that’s all up to you, but it’s worth looking into.

Cloud tech is the natural spouse to mobile readiness. What are you waiting for?

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