4 Essential Mobile Marketing Tips

Of the many marketing tools and channels available to the small business marketer, a ‘must-have’ aspect of online marketing is, mobile. There are currently over 5 billion mobile subscribers globally so making mobile-friendly content accessible to them is clearly essential.

Here are four basic rules to follow if you want to achieve that all-important mobile connectivity with your target audience.

1. The ‘8 minute rule’

Research has shown that people struggle to focus on one topic for over 8 minutes. Therefore, your mobile content must fit within this small window; keep it brief and to the point.

Your mobile content must do four things:

· Inspire users to read your content by making the language you use exciting and compelling.

· Give users relevant information.

· Be compatible with all screen sizes (i.e. smart phones, tablets etc).

· Ensure that spam filters and other barriers such as display limitations do not prevent subscribers from viewing your content.

When designing mobile-friendly content, less is definitely more.

2. Information sharing is vital

Mobile marketing is all about sharing information across social networks. Encourage mobile users to ‘like’, ‘Tweet’ or ‘share’ your content by offering incentives for doing so via their devices. You could invite visitors to post their own videos, images and comments on your site. A blog is a great way of connecting users through mobile networks. People love ‘community’ and the opportunity to share their views and experiences with other like-minded individuals. The more engaged users become, the more likely they are to spend and sharing encourages this trait.

3. Rewards and incentives

A really effective motivator is that of reward. A great offer is almost guaranteed to catch and keep visitors’ attention so get creative with your reward program strategy to keep mobile users coming back for more.

QR (Quick Response) codes are useful here. Incorporate them into your marketing content so that visitors using their mobile devices to access your content are offered exclusive rewards and incentives.

4. Friendship is important

You can create an impression of friendship with your mobile users and mobile lends itself very well to this strategy. SMS messaging can be set up to deliver personalised messages and greetings; targeted email campaigns can contain extra fields allowing prospects to share common interests. Make sure that your content is tailored for the various types of mobile device; mobile phone users will need briefer content than those with a tablet, for example.

Don’t go overboard though and continually bombard people with messages. Limit your mobile campaign content so that it remains relevant and timely.

Mobile subscribers offer a great opportunity to market your brand on a more personal level. Keep your message device and user-friendly and watch your following grow.



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