4 Industries that Need Content Creation

The vast majority of small businesses don’t have a website of any kind. At the same time, mobile readiness is fully here with more Americans using mobile gadgets to get online than any other type of device. This means that not only do businesses of all shapes and sizes need web presence, they need it to be high quality and that starts with content. Content creation can include everything from infographics and blogs to landing page content or product descriptions.

If you’re a business owner, you might think that nobody knows your business better than you. That’s true in some regards, but when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), click through rates and driving traffic, content creation pros have you over a barrel. You might be surprised by the many industries that could benefit greatly from content creation. Here are a few that are in need and may not even know it.

1. Coffeeshops

The sheer amount of competition means online content for coffeeshops needs to be top of the line. Otherwise, you won’t show up near the top of search engine results and when tourists come to your city, they won’t stumble across your little slice of heaven. High quality content can give you an edge.

2. Property management companies

If you’re in the business of managing companies for a key city, landlords might just go with the first company they find in a blind search. This is a very niche market, and you have a set amount of potential customers. This means your quality needs to catch the eye and you need to be easily searchable. Unlike other industries (like coffeeshops), you don’t have nearly endless customers.

3. Signage companies

You’re competing with the big boys like Kinkos, so if your specialty is creating signs and banners, you need to stand out. Plus, your customers will expect you to have premium online content because you’re in the business of creating and designing content yourself. You know that web content and banner content are two totally different beasts to tame, but your customers don’t.

4. Realtors

Similar to property management companies, Realtors and real estate agencies serve a very niche sector and there are only so many people looking to buy or sell properties at any given time. This is also a high stress time for your customers, so content that’s engaging and easy to digest is key.

Every industry can benefit from better content. What business are you missing out on by taking a DIY approach?

Larry Alton

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Larry Alton

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