5 Advanced Features of Google Analytics

SEO tactics are leaned and applied to websites all over the world. Google Analytics turns out to be the one most popular tool that is used to measure the performance of a website and understand the visitor behavior. It is the best of free analytics tools and is widely used to track visitors and the sources they came from along with many other features. There are some new distinct and impressive features that Google Analytics is equipped with. Read on to know what they are and how they help.

1. Intelligence Report

As a webmaster or a marketing person, we need to know whether our campaigns are fruitful and we need to know everything about every visitor that came to the website. Google Analytics does that for us. We can clearly know the number of visitors, the demographics, the keywords they used, the site from which they came, the landing page and the exit page. All this information is vital because it tells us something about the visitor and his expectations. Once we understand it, we can improve our website. There are many custom reports that can be attained through this tool.

2. Motion Charts

A motion chart makes viewing reports easier for you. It has an animation including the x and y axis, time, data point size and color. Using these, we can monitor and track multiple metrics over time using a slider. Pictorial representation of data is easier to understand and the more we can see graphically, the better it is. Motion charts are also useful when you try to explain the same to other people who are not so savvy with the terms and numbers.

3. Benchmarking Report

This is a great feature for those who have a lot of competition to beat. This feature gives you access to the traffic reports of your competition i.e. websites from your industry and size like yours. You can compare your performance with theirs and pin-point the areas that need improvement. This helps in creating the right strategies that can help you hit the bull’s eye for your business.

4. Site Overlay Report

This is another great feature by Google that helps not only the marketing people but also the designers. You see an overlay of your website and as you take your mouse over the different links on the website, you see the different metrics related to them. This feature can help you understand how a visitor interacts with your website and which section of your website is more appealing than the others.

5. Campaign Tracking

It is difficult for marketing executives to track the results of their campaigns effectively. Google Analytics has this feature to tag different pages such that the numbers can be classified into different campaigns. This way it is easier to find out which particular marketing activity got a greater feedback. Google Analytics has many features and there are very few users that know about and use all of them. If you want to know about them, Google University is the best place to learn online. You may get all the data you need but remember, success of any business depends on the decisions and strategies made on the basis of the data accumulated.


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