5 Key Points to Increase E-mail Marketing Effectiveness

Email marketing is still used as a medium for online marketing. The reason is direct approach and higher intimacy related to email marketing. But all email marketing campaigns are not effective; some may result in very low opening rates and negligible sales. Then one feels weather the cost of email marketing is justified and whether this method still works. Yes, it still works, but that does not mean you do not need skills to practice it. Here are 5 keys to effective email marketing.

1. Work on the subject lines

As simple as it sounds, subject line is the first thing that the recipient sees and it must be able to create the right impression. Only if the subject line is compelling enough, will the recipient open the mail and read it. So you overcome your first hurdle of low opening rates. Avoid using your company name or words like marketing in your id. It alerts the spam filters and you never know whether it reached the inbox of the recipient or not. Make your subject line interesting by using some special characters so that it stands out amongst many other mails that the recipient sees with it.

2. Tune up the email content

The content inside the email should not be taken lightly. It should be well designed and well written and should be able to send the message across crisply. Make sure the top half of the content is interesting enough because many people use email clients so they only see a preview of the mail first. Check how it appears in the preview panes of popular mail clients. Do not clutter and share too much information on the email. Make it like a teaser and compel the recipient to visit the website for more details. This will leave the email neat and concise.

3. Treat them as special

Try to use their names rather than terms like “Dear valued customer”. It feels vague, and no one likes to be treated as one of the crowd. Using first names is easy and technologically possible today. Research says people are emotionally attached to their first names and this information comes as an opportunity to a smart marketer.

4. Confidently give a call to action

Yes, this is important. And no, it does not look bad. It is important not only for the sender but also the receiver. Once they are convinced they like what you are selling, they need to know what to do next. Not giving them a call to action is also wasting their time. So don’t be shy about it, tell them what you want them to do next.

5. Sell it to those who need it

Targeting is very important in email marketing. Though some traditional marketers believed that the ability to sell anything to anyone was a mark of success, it makes no sense today. Customers are well informed and they know what they want. We only serve as mediums to them. So sending out the emails to the right people is important. Do not just use any database but spend some time in understanding your target audience.

These five points will definitely help you in improving the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Whenever you make any changes, do it with some percentage of the database, so that you know that it is working.


About Akanksha

Akanksha has been working in Marketing since 2008 and is always open to learning new things. She is now self-employed - blogger, health coach and also partners a distribution business.


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