5 Tips for Using Mobile Marketing

Today the mobile medium provides various ways to send marketing and promotional messages to customers. Your company should consider using a mix of mobile marketing methods when planning your marketing campaign.

1. Mobile Websites

Optimize your website for mobile accessibility. This gives your client’s access to your website through their mobile device. When traveling your client’s don’t have access to the Internet and use their mobile device to connect. Many websites cannot be accessed through a mobile device which means a potential loss for your business. Optimize your website by:

  1. Optimize your site for access through smaller screen sizes of mobile devices
  2. Optimize your site for lower bandwidth of mobile networks
  3. Revise large images on your site for download time on mobile devices
  4. Display business contact information
  5. Make it easy for the customer to contact you
  6. Code your phone number so when the customer clicks the numbers dialed
  7. Reduce the amount of content that’s displayed on your pages
  8. Change your navigation on your home page so visitors can find what they need as quickly as possible
  9. Minimize the amount of text entry
  10. Work with touchscreen and non-touch screen devices
  11. If your Web site is a WordPress site, add plug-ins Mobile Press or WP Mobile Edition to your site
  12. Update your site to use CSS technology to automatically display your site correctly
  13. Create a separate mobile website using its own URL

2. SMS (Short Message Service)

The most widely used mobile marketing methods are SMS messaging. The service is easy to setup, monitor, and manage. Business use SMS campaign for cost, it is inexpensive, and the response rate gives the company back a good ROI. SMS marketing is widely used by businesses, but has one disadvantage. A message can only contain a maximum of 160 characters.

3. MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

MMS is the next step up from SMS where businesses can deliver images, audio and video files to mobile devices. Business owners started using MMS to deliver music, video, and mobile games to engage their clients interactively.

Your company can send images and video files to client that request them. Real Estate agents can send their clients new listing, images and video of properties they have fro sale. Travel agents can allow their clients to download multimedia travel videos. Your company can send new promotions, video, and audio files to your clients. The possibilities of using MMS for your business are boundless.

4. Bluetooth

Bluetooth network connections can deliver content to your clients. Anyone can receive your content by setting up a Bluetooth server. Bluetooth servers can send information to anyone in range of the server. The Bluetooth server has a limit on distance to send out a message. The idea use of Bluetooth is to target clients near the location of the sales channel. You can send your customer discount coupons when they are close to your store. Bluetooth servers are set up by your business and do not charge for the messages you send out to your clients.

Bluetooth is ideal for your business for the lowest cost of operation and no pay message cost. If your company decides to use a Bluetooth server, set your server to only send out message to clients who accept. If a client has declined to receive your message do not send out a new message to this client.

5. Podcasting and Vodcasting

Audio and video files can be downloaded to a mobile device and customers can view the information at their connivance. Podcasting and Vodcasting are similar to web logs. Consulting firms use podcasting to share case study information with potential clients, in hopes of winning new contacts. Producing audio and video clips for podcasting is expensive and requires certain skills. When used for the right audience can be a successful marketing and promotional tool for your company.

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