5 Ways To Keep Your Customers Satisfied

There is so much competition out there in the marketplace these days that if your customers aren’t completely satisfied with the service they receive from your company, it’s a sure bet that they’ll migrate to one of your rivals. Here are five ways to improve the service that you offer your clients that will keep them coming back to you time and time again.

1. Open additional lines of communication

It’s so frustrating when you can’t use your preferred method of communication to get in touch with a seller. Some people like to email whilst others prefer social channels or talking on the phone.

A really easy way to shift focus to customer service is to open multiple lines of communication across different platforms to accommodate your whole audience. Remember to add your telephone number and address to your website and feature your Twitter name in your email signature and most importantly of all, make sure there’s a human being at the end of all your communication channels.

There’s nothing more off-putting for a customer than to receive no response to an email or voicemail message so although it sounds basic, make sure you respond to every incoming customer communication.

2. Nurture and empower your audience

Customers don’t always want to talk to anyone; often for fear of getting the ‘hard-sell’ and instead prefer to work things out for themselves. Provide your visitors with helpful content on your website and back this up with targeted campaigns based on their usage and what product or service they display most interest in. Include white papers, newsletters and the like with helpful links to other relevant information.

Retargeting serves ads to everyone who visits your site but leaves without converting. Modify this by adjusting your ad’s message to promote your latest item of helpful content or providing more information about the particular element or product on your website that prospects may have bounced from.

3. The personal touch

Handwritten letters these days are rarer than hens’ teeth. They work well as a customer service/marketing tool because they are so unusual. In addition, they tell the customer know that you really do care. Send every customer or supplier who provides you with good business a handwritten thank you note.

4. Voicemails

Building a business is very time consuming and you don’t always have the time for niceties like handwritten thank you notes. This is where voicemail is useful. Most people check their voicemails at least once a day and you can easily leave a quick message just to thank someone.

5. Refer complementary products

Few businesses can provide all of the industry services needed to make them all-inclusive and sometimes your product won’t be the perfect fit for your customers or prospect. Rather than just leaving the customer disappointed and back to square one in their search for the perfect product, refer them to another service which fits their needs better. This may mean referring them to one of your competitors which isn’t as crazy as it first sounds.

In the first place, your customer will appreciate your helping them by giving them the benefit of your industry knowledge and expertise even though there’s no sale in it for you and secondly, your competitor may well reciprocate the favour in the future.

In conclusion

The most powerful and robust businesses are built on a firm foundation of customer loyalty and this is gained through building trust and confidence in you and your business. Use these five tactics to improve your customer experience and grow your reputation and brand the right way.

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Alison Page

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Alison Page

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5 Ways To Keep Your Customers Satisfied

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