6 Advertising Tips for Closing the Gap between Visits and Clicks

If you are running a Marketing Campaign, it is certain that you will at some point come across discrepancies between clicks received via the Ads and visits that a reported for the same Ads. There are several factors that result in these discrepancies and this article will help you understand and overcome some of these discrepancies.

Tip 1: Identify the Scope

Identifying the scope of the problem is the first step in tackling discrepancies between number of clicks and number of visits. You need to know if it is just a local problem with your campaigns or not, how long this issue has been going on and what were your standard discrepancies from previous campaigns. By answering all these questions, you and your campaign team will be able to concentrate on relevant factors that will help eliminate these discrepancies.

Tip 2: Ensure that Campaign Ads and Landing Pages are set Correctly

There are no technical skills needed to identify whether there is a technical problem causing the discrepancies or not. You only have to click on your ads and carefully look at the Landing Pages URL, and ensure they are correctly linked to your analytics tools. Incorrect linking will definitely lead to discrepancies between visits and clicks.

Tip 3: Install Tag Assistant by the Google Chrome

After you have a clear view of the scope of discrepancies and your URL, it’s time to ensure that your analytics are correctly implemented on the landing pages. Incorrect implementation of landing pages is the common reason for discrepancies. Use Tag assistant by Chrome to check the correctness of the implementation.

Tip 4: Understand Analytics and The Publisher Data

This will help you know whether you are really experiencing discrepancies or analyzing data incorrectly. For instance, if you Ad accounts are linked to multiple analytics properties, the number of clicks imported from linked Ads accounts will include all clicks, which is never the case.

Tip 5: Accept that Data Discrepancies are a Common Problem in Marketing Campaign

There are some data discrepancies that you can never get rid of even if you try. You may only know their cause but eradicating them is very hard. When it comes to this point, accepting the discrepancies is the easy way out.

Tip 6: Find a suitable Metric that you will work with

Page visit is not the best metric to work with if you want to tackle discrepancies in your marketing campaign. In fact, none of the metric in Google Analytics works perfectly; you have to develop your own metric that will work perfectly for you marketing campaign. Find a suitable way to calculate number of time visitors visited your website directly from the Ads.

Remember, not all discrepancies can be handled; you only need to learn how to eliminate those that you can completely eliminate and try to live with those that you can’t change.


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