6 Email Marketing Strategies for SMB

SMB email marketing is important to grow your business and keep in touch with your loyal customers. Each year the strategies change as technologies, techniques and practices change. Last year was the year for mobile as we saw the growth in mobile device users. Mobile marketing still plays an important role in business, but the times are changing and so is the way businesses do business. Today, the modern marketer needs to change if they want to stay in business and compete in today’s ever changing market. 

6 Email marketing strategies your business should be using. 

1. Integrated Marketing:

Businesses are faced with the challenges of integrating their email marketing campaigns with other marketing channels. Today, marketer’s interests are focused on integrating their campaigns with various marketing channels and test marketing through different media. The focus now for SMB is to set up their long-term marketing strategies. Therefore, your email marketing reporting needs to be ready to integrate with the different metrics and other tools. Otherwise, your business can’t compete today with the new marketing views and approach. 

2. Video Marketing: 

Today, email marketing has evolved to incorporate video and other interactive elements with company’s marketing campaigns. New studies show that 25 percent of companies now use videos in their email campaigns. However, by the end of the year, more businesses will change when they see how effective their competition is doing. Business marketers understand the importance and need to convert to video marketing. Therefore, businesses are starting to embrace the idea of adding video to their email campaigns. 

3. Personalization: 

Marketers today focus on new ways to personalize their messages to their customers. Marketing trends are changing and the old “batch and blast” email campaigns are no longer accepted by customers. Therefore, if your business doesn’t start to personalize your emails, your customers will stop reading your messages. However, if you personalize your emails you have a higher open rate and follow through from your customers. 

4. Mobile friendly newsletters and Web pages: 

Today, more customers prefer to read their emails on their mobile devices instead of sitting in front of a computer. If your email isn’t mobile friendly and easy to read your customers will delete your message. Furthermore, if your links lead your mobile customer to a page that is hard to read on their device they will close your page and move on. Therefore, your emails must be designed with mobile customers in mind. You must also redesign your Web pages for mobile friendly pages that a client won’t need to scroll down or use page zoom on. The email campaign has moved from traditional desktop environment to the new mobile environment. To continue to be successful in your marketing campaign you need to resolve these issues. Start focusing on creating your emails to be mobile friendly and redesign your Web pages for the same. 

5. Behavioral email marketing:

Event-triggered email is setting the new trend in email marketing today. By tapping into your previous customers behavior can trigger a new targeted and relevant email campaign. The new event-triggered campaign can make your customers' purchases new products or revisit a shopping basket they abandoned. Therefore, your digital marketing priorities need to focus on behavioral emails. 

6. Quality of content: 

The new focus is on original content, updated content, quality content, and targeted content. Therefore, your email marketing campaign must focus on the proof of content you deliver to your customers. Each company now has to be careful of what they write in their email proposals. Also, you must pay close attention to how you address your proposal for your targeted audience. Furthermore, when you write your emails concentrate on how you can convince your clients to return to your website. Remember, that content has always been the main focus of a good email campaign. 

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