6 Mistakes Website Owners Make - Ads on Landing Pages, Broken Links and More

For a website to be successful, you have to do a number of things in the right way. If you overlook or overdo certain things, your efforts will not yield the desired results. Here are 6 most common mistakes new and old website owners make:

Too Much Information

As much providing information about your business, brand or services is good, overdoing it may be counterproductive because it clutters the website making it hard for your readers to look for what they want. If your visitors cannot find what they are looking for, they will most definitely leave and search for alternatives.

For this reason, try to keep the information on your website minimal and comprehensible. Only include the key features about what you do, and encourage the visitors to contact you if they require more information. Consider including PDF downloads to your product catalogues for people who would like to read more.

Broken links

A broken link is an expired hyperlinked text – it leads you to a page that no longer exists. Having broken links all over your website will ward off your visitors and potential clients, because when they click on them, they will be taken to a blank page. Thus, ensure that you know where all the links on your website lead to, and make adjustments if necessary. Jennifer Bourne wrote an interesting article about why broken links are bad for your business, you can check it out here.

Slow Website

The longer your website takes to load information, the less likely prospective clients will be willing to use your services. According to research done by Hosting 90 Systems from Europe, internet users lose interest in a website if it takes longer than 2 or 3 seconds to load. And though you cannot control slow internet connection, you can surely control how large files are hosted in your website by choosing a good web hosting service. A good hosting platform will enable you to include images and videos on your website, without compromising on loading time.

Too Many Ads

As a way of generating revenue, many web owners like sell ads on their sites. However, having too many ads on your website will give it a spammy look, and scare away your clients. Remember that your visitors come to your website for your content and not the ads. So, reconsider your strategy if more than half of your website or blog is filled with ads. Not only will this scare away your visitors, it can get you penalized by Google as well. You can read more about it in this article from Search Engine Land

Additional Plugins

A plugin is a web browser extension that your visitors may require to view a particular content on your website. For example, many websites ask visitors to install certain plugins in order to view video files. Try to avoid this by designing your website in a way that all visitors can view, read or listen to content without having to install additional plugins on their browsers.

Unreliable Web Hosting

There are lots of web hosting companies on the internet. While there are quite a good number of trustworthy and reliable ones, there are others that you should simply steer clear of. For example, do not be enticed by cheap hosting services as they usually suffer downtime and are highly prone to hacker attacks. To be safe, stick to reputable service providers which have good reviews on the internet.


If you are a beginner, it is advisable to conduct a research and consult an expert when designing your website. More importantly, choose a good domain name and a reliable web hosting company. Proper planning boosts your chances of success significantly.


Image source: Flickr.com (Hobvias Sudoneighm)



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