6 Ways to Drive More Readers to Your Articles

Content is what brings clients and readers to your websites and blogs. With poor content nobody reads your articles or cares what you have to say. Many people dread the idea of sitting down and writing an article for their website. They feel nobody reads the article and it is wasting their time. On the other hand, many people find articles boring or bland because of the content or what the person had to say. When you post an article people should read what you have written. To drive traffic to your article and make sure people read what you wrote follow these 6 steps to have your articles read.

1. Keep your paragraphs short when you write. 

Long paragraphs seem to confuse the reader and the words become jumbled in their mind. People can’t comprehend long, confusing, and hard to read paragraphs. Plus, long paragraphs seem to ramble on about nothing and your reader wants information. Short paragraphs make the article pleasant to the eye and easier to read.

2. Use numbers and bullets inside your articles.

Using numbers and bullets to stress points draws your reader’s attention to the point. Bullets make your points easy to remember and quick to understand. On the Internet, readers look for the key points of each article. The bullets quickly point your readers to your key points. Format your bullets by indenting them in your article. Break up the look and feel of your article so it won’t look like a single block of square paragraphs.

3. Break the writing up by using subheading.

By using sub-heading to break or divide your article into sections makes it easier for your reader to follow. Subheading guides your reader through the points in your article. The subheading makes it easy for your readers to scan the article and see what your article offers them. Guide your readers through your article by subdividing your page using a subheading.

4. Write titles that grab your reader’s attention.

When writing your title you have to entice your reader’s curiosity. The title makes your article and draws the attention of your readers. Write titles that reach out to your readers, makes them curious, touches their emotions, and keeps them interested. 

5. Keep your reader’s attention from start to finish.

When writing your opening paragraph try to use real life situations that readers can adopt and relate to. Use metaphors to write good descriptions and drive home your point. Readers relate to the description they can see visual as they read your articles. Graphic metaphors and similes describe your subject and your reader understands your points.

6. State facts using figures and statistics.

By stating facts and figures heighten the value of your article and brings out your points. Try to keep your article on the light side and not formal side. Facts, figures, dates, and charts drive your point home. People love statistics that state true life facts and figures.

Next time you sit down to compose your article follow these 6 steps. Your customer’s will read your articles. People who find interesting information share this information with their friends. Make your article one to share with friends.

Julie Sinclair

About Julie Sinclair

Julie is a retired teacher who enjoys Internet research. She has helped friends create blog sites and websites. She enjoys learning about the Internet and the latest technology.

Julie Sinclair

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