7 Catastrophic Retargeting Mistakes to Avoid

Retargeting can be a very powerful digital marketing tool when used correctly but mistakes can be costly both in financial terms and in damaged reputation. Here are seven retargeting mistakes to avoid at all costs.

1. Too many impressions

Excessive retargeting of customers is to be avoided at all costs. Bombardment of consumers with continual retargeted ads is a recipe for disaster but it’s also easy to avoid. Just set a frequency cap which will limit the number of impressions served to each of your customers and the problem is solved before it occurs.

2. Insufficient impressions

Not showing enough impressions to your users can be almost as damaging to your campaign as showing too many. The optimal number of impressions you need to show your customers to solidify brand awareness and keep your name top of the list is 17 to 20 per month. This equates to one impression every other day.

3. Don’t neglect creatives

All your banner ads must be well-branded and immediately recognizable for maximum effectiveness. Use concise copy, bright colours and big, clickable buttons. Click-through rates drop by as much as 50% after five months of running the same ads. Rotate your ad creative every couple of months to keep customers interested and avoid drop-off in interest.

4. Don’t retarget existing customers

Once a customer has made a purchase or been converted as per your campaign, don’t keep hitting them with the same ads over and over again. All that’s required is one simple line of code on your post-conversion page and this will remove them from the retargeted campaign and they will no longer see your retargeted ads.

You may wish to serve a different creative advertising a different product which may be of interest to your customers but serving an ad which has already been converted is a waste of ad spend.

5. Don’t use multiple providers at the same time

It’s usual for those new to retargeting to want to try out a selection of providers. Unfortunately, retargeting campaigns run with multiple providers can be problematic. Retargeting works by using real-time bidding. If your retargeting provider’s bid is successful the retargeted ad will appear as the page loads. If you are using multiple providers you will effectively be bidding against yourself. This drives up the cost and also leads to difficulties implementing frequency caps. Your campaign stats will also be inaccurate.

6. Measure success

Your retargeter should let you have data regarding click-through to conversion rates but you need to keep a track of your success independently too. A good way to measure success is by using Google Analytics. An account is free and you can track site visits, customer loyalty and other useful stats as you wish.

7. Failing to segment

Each page on your website should have its own set of creatives. Customers who have spent time browsing your home page will be at a different stage in the purchase funnel than those who have moved on to the services page and this should be reflected in the ads they are served.

Steer clear of these common mistakes and enjoy a high return on your retargeting spend.


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