Native Advertising Versus Ad Banners in Head to Head Combat

In a sparring match between ad banners and native advertising, the native advertising tag team would win hands down in an e-commerce battle. The proof is revealed in consumer online spending. An ad banner is an image based advertisement inserted on a web page intended to connect traffic to an advertiser’s page. Advertising that appears among editorial content and coordinates with the content design is known as native advertising. The following seven statistical reasons prove native advertising would win in a head to head combat with ad banners.

  1. A campaign by a major car company resulted in a 33% improved brand image utilizing native advertisements. Native advertisements perform best when designed as rich media advertisement and match both form and function of the web page.
  2. Chief marketing officers are skilled professionals with a talent for reaching consumers. One-third of the chief marketing officers surveyed will purchase native video advertising in the next six months. 
  3. Consumers are shown to be more receptive to native advertisement content in comparison to ad banners. A recent poll showed that 70% of consumers preferred content advertising. A native advertisement by a widely recognized corporation received eight percent clicks compared to a banner advertisement by the same corporation that received less than one percent of registered clicks.
  4. Future predictions show that native advertisements are a growing trend. In the next two years, native advertisements are predicted to expand to $4.57 billion and are expected to claim 41.7% of total internet advertising.
  5. Increased audience engagement and promotion of brand visibility is the major reason that marketing representatives are turning to native advertisements. Based upon factual statistics, 81% of brand advertising marketers favor native advertising plans.
  6. Native advertisement is a fast growing phenomenon among American publishers. Approximately 75% of American publishers offer native advertisements on online sites.
  7. Potential consumers read native advertisements 53% more frequently than banner advertisements and are 32% more likely to share a native advertisement with friends and family on social media. Native advertisements are proven to increase word of mouth or rather word of social media advertising.

*Photo courtesy of Boxing Gloves by Kristin Wall at Flickr's Creative Commons.



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