8 Things Start-up Companies Should Learn From Sherlock Holmes

While Sherlock Holmes is just a fictional character created by Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a lot of life lessons can be learned from this detective. His logical reasoning and mastery in forensic science has inspired a lot of people, even businessmen.

Because of his ability to solve various cases and ability to apply his wit in every situation, start-up companies can learn a lot from Sherlock Holmes. Here are eight things that start-up companies can learn from the great Sherlock Holmes.


1. Know the Industry You Are Participating In. Master Your Business and Make Sure You Understand It.

Known for his skills in deductive reasoning, Sherlock Holmes has solved a lot of cases, even those that seemed impossible. For your start-up business, make sure that you have studied that industry you are getting into. For example, you are going start-up a public relations agency: make sure that you have enough connections so your company would survive.

2. Pay Attention to Details.

Sherlock Holmes would not solve a case if he did not pay attention even to the smallest ones. In every situation, the details are important. For example, you should note the minor details of your expenses. If you buy office printer with a certain price and certain specs, would it be cheaper in the long run if you buy an office printer that is multifunctional? These kinds of minor concerns should be noticeable to you.

3. Have Everything in Black and White.

Sherlock always keep track of documents. He rarely throws them. Make all transactions printed in black and white. Buy office printer and be surprised that organizing your data is not that difficult. When you buy office printer, make sure that it suits your business.

4. Always Be Objective.

When deciding on things that could affect your company, never be subjective. Make sure that your decisions are objective because emotions can affect the way you see things.

5. Get a Trusted Partner

Even Sherlock has a partner who he can count on in times of need. You need a partner who will support you on your star-up business and to compensate whichever skills that you lack.

6. Always Dress Well.

Impress other people as Sherlock does it. As a start-up company, you should always make people believe in your brand.

7. Be Creative in Solving Problems

There is no single way of resolving issues of your company. Always look for alternatives as other solutions might be easier than the solution that you are thinking.

8. Have That Passion To Do What You Really Love.

Obviously, Sherlock loves what he is doing. He loves solving mysteries. When starting up a business, ask yourself: what do I love doing? Why are you doing this business? Once you have an answer to this, you can finally give a good direction for your company.

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Eddy Sim

Eddy Sim

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