A/B Testing for Mobile Is Today’s Reality

Online businesses are always trying to change their websites for the better. They try to alter their webpages in ways that will increase traffic and lead to more sales. There are multiple ways in which they can determine which changes to make, but one of the most effective is the simple yet ingenious method of A/B testing.

A/B testing is a method through which you make two different models for the same page and then test them against each other simultaneously so that you can figure out which one works better. A/B testing is being used by many companies today and with the advances in mobile technology, the future of smartphone-based A/B testing is becoming a reality.

Why A/B Testing?

There are only a few ways that produce anything near to concrete results for companies trying to make positive changes to their online webpages, and A/B testing is one of them. It takes two distinct design solutions and lets users interact with them so that companies can see which one catches more attention. This gives them with quantitative data and they can clearly see which set of changes lead to more traffic and sales. Testing one’s page again and again helps generate more revenue while providing more information about the users and keeps the page evolving constantly.

Meet Optimizely – The Mobile A/B Testing Platform:

Optimizely is one of the most known online platforms that help companies in performing A/B tests. The platform’s success can be seen through the number of customers it has attracted since its launch. Optimizely has seen 8000 customers from all over the globe so far with 7 billion visitor experiences.

As the next big step, the online A/B testing platform has decided to go mobile. Optimizely understands that mobile technology has made itself a huge part of our lives today and companies need to be able to perform their A/B tests on the go. With this move, the platform has made it clear that A/B testing for mobile is today’s reality, and this is the way to make this marketing technique more accessible to the customers.

In order to really kick start their mobile version, Optimizely is offering free starter plans to companies and letting them experiment with A/B testing before they decide to choose it as their permanent testing platform.

A/B testing might be a seemingly simple process but Optimizely’s earnings of $88.2 million in just a few years suggests how effective it can be. With the move to take their services to the smartphone world, they have just gone one step ahead to making their services more accessible and profitable.

Optimizely is currently offering their mobile services on iOS alone, and will soon take their services to Android as well. This will help more and more users to try out the platform and learn in a more hands-on way how A/B testing works.

Mobile technology has changed the way our world works, and the corporate portion of it is no different. More and more companies today are taking their services mobile, so it makes sense to help them control their webpage’s success through mobile-based platforms. Optimizely has done exactly that and is trying to show the world that A/B testing for mobile is the new reality of today’s technological world.


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