Are your Business Information Systems Up to Speed?

Businesses, whether they are in the fields of manufacturing, construction, design, or education, have a need to distribute, receive, and exchange information. The ability to exchange information helps businesses determine what products they need to create, if they need to make adjustments to their services, if the market they are currently in is profitable, and if the prices they charge are reasonable. Information presented in the form of raw data is beneficial to a limited degree. However, information that has been analyzed, quantified, and made accessible to others is a powerful tool. This underscores the importance of businesses to have an information system network in place that is well-developed, well-maintained, and up-to-date.

What are Information Systems?

In the world of business, an information system defines a combination of hardware, software, trained employees, and infrastructure all designed to facilitate planning, decision-making, and the structure of an organization. There are certain steps that businesses can take to improve and modernize their information system in order to stay up to date. Take a look at a few adjustments below that will help to quickly improve woefully outdated business information systems.

Recruit Help

Businesses can create an agreement with their staff that includes compliancy issues dictating how computers, Internet, downloading, and file sharing should be handled. By having set policies and rules, you can be sure that your information systems don’t lag behind, and get extra help from your staff in keeping everything updated.

Regular Updates

Devise a comprehensive plan to update aging technology. This includes reviewing aging workstations and evaluating new technologies. It would also include creating a basic road map, which will define how information systems work today, predict how they will work in the future, and then involve purchasing technology that will be still be useful a few years from now.

How’s Your Bandwidth?

Discuss increasing Internet bandwidth with your ISP. Slow Internet speed often leads to congestion and unnecessary downtime. Some businesses have opted for ISP redundancy if they are having problems with their primary carrier.

Off-Site Storage

Invest in off-site storage for important documents. This will make it easy to recover important documents if a business’s information system’s network experiences problems or is attacked by a virus. Not only does this increase your security, but it will cut down on headaches if any information is lost.

Consider your Budget

When advisable, replace expensive software with shareware, or free software. This will allow a business to open up their technology budget and spend more money on hardware that will improve their information systems network.


Scheduled downtime for maintenance. There are times when it will be necessary to do maintenance on computers, servers, and other pieces of information technology. This time should be used to scan for viruses, fix any errors, and address any bugs or outages in the system.

Information has been and will continue to be the biggest asset businesses have. Following the above mentioned steps will help a business keep their information system's network up to date and functioning properly.

The information for this article was provided by professionals who offer an MBA of Management Information Systems.

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