Attracting Millennials

Brands have been trying to figure out how to attract the Generation Y having realized that this group of consumers can have a hugely positive impact on a company's bottom like. But how in the world are marketers going to attract millenials and get them on board with their brand?

Millennials, or the Generation Y as what the media calls them, is the term used to describe a segment of the population that came to maturity around the turn of the 21st century. Millennials, short for Millennial Generation, are the last generation born in the second millennium and they are considered to be the next great generation by a number of experts and authors.

Millennials have been observed to be civic-minded, confident, tolerant, and have strong sense of entitlement. According to studies, they are also a generation that will adopt brands and tremendously support anything that they find delightful, enjoyable, and entertaining but useful and practical at the same time. Research also shows that the Generation Y is also strongly loyal and are fitting to help in the recognition or acknowledgement of brands and the roles these brands play in their lives.

Because of such traits, brands have been working to get this generation to like and patronize them. Having millennials as loyal consumers can greatly benefit any brand and can turn things around for passing or fledgeling brands. But how are marketers going to attract millennials and get them to make their brands part of their lives?

Here are some useful tips content marketers can apply to get the much coveted millennial approval.

  • Set the atmosphere - Provide a repository or receptacle for them to experience a particular emotion. Create an atmosphere where they can relate to you and you can relate to them to form a personal bond or relationship.
  • Provide an escape – Millennials are individuals making their way to adulthood. For you to help them with the challenges and struggles facing them, give them a way to escape and give them a glimpse of a great life. Inspire and encourage them while you reinforce their beliefs, culture, and values of embracing life and finding excitement and happiness.
  • Help them feel wittier or smarter – Provide life hacks, tips on how to succeed in areas or fields they are interested in, and other content experiences that will make them feel a bit smarter or wittier.
  • Assist them in discovering things – Provide tools that will ignite their interest and fuel their desire to discover new things. Help them see topics in a whole new way or from a different perspective. This will engage their fascination, eagerness to learn, and inspire them to explore what life has to offer.

With brands having millennials on their side as loyal consumers and parnters, they will reap the benefits of favor, fame, recognition, and patronization.

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