Behavioral Targeting Explained


The idea behind behavioral targeting is to try to match on-line advertisements to users on a given network by relevance. This is achieved through anonymously tracking behavior and feeding ads based on your findings. Behavioral targeting studies the user’s behavior across a range of sites, rather than just using key words or phrases and then picks the right advert for each person.

The networks

The main players in this industry are Tacoda (now owned by AOL) and Revenue Science although others are swiftly catching up to exploit this new marketing tool; Yahoo, AOL and MSN are now offering behavioral targeting.

One important thing that you really need to know when choosing a company to work for you is how big their network is, although quality is just as crucial as quantity. Take the time to research this area thoroughly before you make a decision and if possible find a good contact within your chosen company with whom you can build a good working relationship.

The Three Dimensions of Behavioral Targeting

Behavioral targeting is commonly classified as having three dimensions:

1. Customer Relations Management: Having successfully delivered your message to the right target, you must interact positively with your customers to make their experience a positive one and thus increase your conversion rate.

2. Branding: The power of brand marketing can never be underestimated. Behavioral targeting can bring you brand ubiquity that is direct and targeted which in the long term will increase brand awareness and likewise turnover for your product.

3. Direct Response: As an internet marketer you want the most ‘bang for your buck’ that you can get from your advertising budget and behavioral targeting can achieve this for you. It allows you to place an appropriate, incentivised offer to qualified, actionable and viable customers and as every successful entrepreneur knows, if you get your product in front of the right client base, you will make sales.

Measure your success

A company like Revenue Science or Tacoda will provide you with statistics from which you can gauge the success of your campaigns but it is best practice to measure your success in-house.

The most efficient means of quantifying your campaigns is by using multiple metrics and internal tracking systems and methodologies. This will allow you to make informed decisions on your behavioral targeting strategies as you will be working from hard facts rather than theories and ball-park figures.

Behavioral targeting is certainly the way to go if you really want to give your business a boost and maximize the return on your advertising expenditure.


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Behavioral Targeting Explained

IntroductionThe idea behind behavioral targeting is to try to match on-line advertisements to users on a given network by relevance. This is achieved through anonymously tracking behavior and feeding ads based on your findings. Behavioral targeting studies the user’s behavior across a range o ... ...