Branding Fail! #RonaldMcDonald

Ronald Mc Donald- The clown that has been the mascot of biggest Fast food Chain in the world, Mc Donald since 1960’s came under fire recently on twitter.

There are a lot of people who have begun an initiative against Mc Donald, which has been recently criticised for increasing the child obesity in the US.

Ronald Lagging Behind in the Run

Again, with all the Vegan and Vegetarian movement catching on, there has been a lot of angst against these fast food chains that have a major portion of their menu that serves non-vegetarian food.

The poor Ronald had to bear the brunt of the disgruntled unapproving public when it took on to twitter in its made-over Avatar.

What went wrong?

Almost everything about the Twitter campaign went wrong. It was a huge branding mistake by the fast food Giant to get Ronald Mc Donald on twitter. Twitter is an open platform and not an ideal place to begin the branding exercises.

Haven’t we seen celebrities posting and then withdrawing their comments with an embarrassing excuse like “My account was hacked”. Members of public also tend to take to networks like twitter to vent out their bitterness quite blatantly.

To get a taste, just take a look at the nasty and derogatory comments that are left by so many of them in the accounts of these “poor” celebrities and known figures. Besides Ronald was a little late in joining the twitter brigade, all the suitable handles for him were already taken!

Damage Control & Takeaways

McDonald after experiencing the backlash rescued Ronald McDonald by removing the iconic Mascot of their brand from Twitter. The re-branding and beginning of another marketing strategy was done on Instagram.

However, the negative propaganda definitely attracted public’s eye and was a major embarrassment for McDonald. It also came at a very wrong time when they are already struggling against the allegation of fatty and unhealthy food being served by them to the future citizens of the world.

A Much Needed Twist in the Marketing Strategy

Going forward, this hugely successful and popular fast food Major must market the best of what their food has to offer. The fast food served at McDonald’s world over is their strongest statement after all.

Another aspect of McDonald that needs to be flashed is philanthropic initiatives and programmes that they run through their Ronald McDonald Mascot.

Understanding the audience/ customers and platforms that will help in marketing McDonald in the best possible way must be undertaken. Affirming and re-affirming the tagline and the mascot would be a great way to show some solidarity towards the Ronald Mc Donald.

One branding disaster can probably not hurt this major food corporation but repeat of such mistakes can spoil the brand name as it is.

The need of the hour is to divert the attention of the public towards more “showcasable” side of McDonald. For example - the menu, the makeover of Ronald McDonald can make it to centre stage of the marketing and branding projects.


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