Branding Goes Punk

These days, businesses stress out the importance of being able to set themselves apart from their competitors. This is what we commonly know as branding and businesses are known to pay big bucks for this. The whole concept of branding is not an easy one and requires marketing expertise to some extent. Yet, one punk band which seems to be so far disjointed from marketing was able to perfect the art of branding.

The Sex Pistols were a punk rock band back in the 1970s. Although they only had a short career with the music industry lasting for only two and a half years, they are still well known today due to their excellent branding skills. Businesses can definitely learn something from the punk band that made branding seem so easy.

  • Have a common goal. The Sex Pistols were very good in finding a common goal which rounded up supporters. In their case, they capitalized on their dislike for monarchy and social conformity. With this, they released the single “God Save the Queen.” Not everyone would agree to this sentiment but those who do would jump right in. 

For businesses, this could help them connect with their customers more. Looking for a shared goal or sentiment with customers and capitalizing on this could create an instant connection between businesses and customers.

  • Get as much exposure as you can. There is a saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The Sex Pistols took this to the extreme and even getting to the point of being arrested. As extreme as this all sounds, they got what they wanted. It’s not just the media coverage; they are remembered for doing something so outrageous that everyone was able to witness. 

You don’t have to do anything outlandish just to get some media exposure. However, whatever chance you can get, you should take. Maximize whatever opportunity you can get to have as much exposure as possible. In this day and age, that wouldn’t be too difficult as there are several channels online that you can make use as well.

  • Create the experience. The Sex Pistols weren’t just making music. They were creating a whole new experience; they were creating a way of life. Rock as we know it has been forever changed with their influence. 

In the marketing world, selling a product is not enough. You have to sell the entire brand and ensure that your customers become advocates. To stay competitive across several industries, you shouldn’t just focus solely on conversions but on converts as they would keep coming back to your brand.

The Sex Pistols may seem like an unlikely model for branding. Yet their status as revolutionary punk rockers who have made a huge impact on the music industry in spite of only a few short years is a testament on how well they are able to optimize the whole concept of branding. So if rockers whose business is to create music would be able to perfect branding, then there is no reason why you can’t.

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