Branding Lessons from Kitchen Superstars

Being part of the creative industry is hard as it is, but what happens when your creative work turns your very name into a brand? Does your creativity get sidelined due to your personal brand, or does the branding help in enhancing your creations? While most of the people think that the former of the two questions may be more relevant, there are some chefs who believe otherwise.

The restaurant industry is one of the most booming industries in the world today and no one knows better than chefs how to take their creativity and their brand image forward together. If you are in the creative field as well and worry that your work may get overshadowed by your brand name, take a look at some branding lessons from kitchen superstars.

Treat the Popularity as an Opportunity

According to some of the top chefs of the world, the branding of one’s name or business is a chance to expand one’s reach. The fact that your name is giving your more business should be taken as a positive opportunity.

The Brand is an Extension of your Personality

Personal brands are something that enhance your personality which makes it easier for you to let the people know of your ideals and to reflect what you and your business believe in. A chef’s restaurant is based on personal ideas, and the brand should be an extension of those ideas.

However, just like any profession, being the chef of a successful restaurant requires more than having a likeable personality. Keeping that in mind, our kitchen superstars have given their top lessons for branding one’s business:

The Kitchen is your Priority:

The first thing for a chef to know is that it is impossible to worry about every single aspect of business. The chef should go to business meetings, but only when possible. The most important thing is to have a constant connection with the kitchen because that is where all the magic happens.

Accept Diversity:

An important thing to know is that every employee you hire will be different from the one next to him. Learn to accept this diversity and let the creative side of your employees shine through as well. If you hire your employees after careful analysis, you won’t have to worry about every single thing anymore.

Be Efficient:

When you talk to your employees about what your brand believes in and how to make the customers understand that through food, make sure you efficiently describe your ideals to them. Talk to three or four people at a time only to make sure you get your message across in a better way.

These are just some basic lessons of branding that our kitchen superstars have laid out for us. The most important part of having a successful restaurant of course, is the food. Without quality food, you cannot hope to have success in your brand, no matter how hard you try to reach out to people with these tips. The cuisine of a restaurant is what defines it the best, and that is what every chef should always focus on before anything else.

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