Choosing The Right Company Name

Choosing the right brand name for your business or product can mean the difference between success and failure so it’s vital that you get it right. Here are some guidelines to help you get it right first time.

Make it memorable

Too many businesses opt for a bland, generic-sounding name which is instantly forgettable. But how do you expect customers to spread the word when they’ve forgotten your company name almost before they get out of the door?

Aim for a short name that’s to the point and unique to the market that you will be targeting. If your company name is unique, it will be much easier for you to protect your brand and customers will have no problem in finding you on the search engines.

Using words that rhyme or are alliterative can be very effective and can also be incorporated into slogans and straplines that people will remember. Interestingly, a piece of research conducted by Princetown University found that people were more trusting of slogans that rhymed.


Choose a word that is in common parlance and has a positive vibe. Try to relate it to the product or service that you are going to supply. For example, if you run a taxi business “Rapid” or “Reliable” would be a brand name with positive connotations.

It’s also useful to include your geographical location in the name as this helps when optimising your company website for search engines. Depending upon the nature of your business and how much area you wish to cover, name your business accordingly. If you own a small veterinary practice for example, you would name it for the immediate client catchment area. “Malpas Equine Veterinary Practice” for example, describes exactly what the business does and the area that it covers.

Be careful though if you’re intending to expand and go global as people may assume that because your business has a local name, it only serves that area.

Avoid the “train wreck” naming technique

Don’t fall into the trap of taking an adjective and welding it to a noun, effectively creating new word. You may think your creation sounds catchy and clever, but it may well just sound ridiculously cliché. For example, someone starting a spa might call it TranquiSpa; totally naff. Tech and Corp are other popular choices which can sound very dated and forced.

Whatever name you finally choose however, it’s important that you are comfortable with it. Once you’ve registered the name and taken delivery of the company stationery, it’s too late to change your mind. When you’ve chosen a name that works and that you’re happy with, put it in a drawer and forget about it for a couple of weeks then take it out again. If you still like it then it’s the right name, if not then start again.




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