Clothing Firm Targets Tech-Savvy Consumers with a Street-View-Enabled Mobile App

The fashion brand Me & City has hit the market with a new mobile application that targets its digital-savvy shopping customers with new street-view technology. The urban clothing firm, with youthful buyers as the largest chunk of its clientele, announced that it is seeking to have its latest fashion line on the map by taking advantage of mobile marketing and using the city as its main backdrop.

Mobile marketing involves the use of various mobile technologies by businesses and marketing firms to try and reach customers who are using the Internet on their mobile phones and other mobile gadgets, especially when on the move and away from the traditional home or office desktop environment. Today, the increasing uptake of smartphones, tablets, PDAs and other mobile digital devices of the kind has made mobile marketing almost compulsory for most online businesses.

It is this rising use of mobile technologies and devices that Me & City is trying to cash in on with their new street-view powered app, especially during future Shanghai Fashion Week events. The youth-oriented fashion company believes that its brands can be brought closer to a wider, more youthful and more inclusive customer base during this Fashion Week. For this reason, the urban fashion brand partnered with Fred & Farid Shanghai to launch a campaign dubbed #FashionStreetView.

The recently unveiled street-view app will be used to highlight the Me & City’s exclusive fashion in the streets, a more realistic fashion setting than the traditional catwalk. This latest development marks a major milestone in the long-term effort and collaboration between Me & City and China’s Tencent Maps to come up with the customized fashion mobile app.

The customized street views in the app were created by reshooting some of the most popular streets in Shanghai and replacing pedestrians with models wearing Me & City’s clothing. According to a campaign video released by Me & City, this was done to “create a digital runway out of the digital street”.

Consumers will be able to check out Me & City clothing in a real world setting, make their purchasing decisions and directly order the clothing using the mobile app.

According to Fred & Farid, the mobile app has been able to achieve more than 20 million views, a figure that is a whopping 800 times larger than the audience that the Shanghai Fashion Week will reach.


Image source: flickr.com

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