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If your small business is online you need to have an e-mail marketing campaign formulated, it is necessary to capture leads and keep in contact with your market. Using regular e-mail for individual correspondence is fine, but if you are targeting a group of people and need tracking and mass contact management opting for an e-mail contact program is essential. Currently the two most popular contact programs that also offer free subscription plans are; Constant Contact and Mail Chimp. This article will take a quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of each program.

Mail Chimp: Offers a free subscription for 2000 e-mails and up to 12,000 send outs per month. The program has a great template design feature and allows you to create professional looking e-mails and offers various add-ons to improve the functionality of the campaign. Mail Chimp also offers awesome analytics tools to track the success of your campaign. One downfall to Mail Chimp is that the layout is not very user friendly and can be confusing even for the computer savvy. Upgrading to better packages is very cost effective but Mail Chimp does not have that great of a support team and resolving issues can take some time.

Constant Contact: Constant contact has a higher pricing point than Mail Chimp but they have seniority and experience in the contact management and marketing field. Constant Contact also offers a larger number of templates than Mail Chimp, but they are not as professional looking as the designs on Mail Chimp. Constant Contact also wins in having more features and being more user friendly than Mail Chimp as well as offering more extensive support for the users.

There are a number of other factors that need to be weighed when choosing the best contact management and marketing program for your small business but for the most part users give the two contact programs at an almost identical rating. To research more about these programs visit Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, the Shero blog and the Trust Radus website.

Written by Danielle Maravelas of Babbling Ink


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