Content Marketing Tricks for Linkedin

If you're not marketing your brand on LinkedIn, you're missing out on some very exciting opportunities. When it comes to content marketing, companies tend to focus on publishing blogs and promoting them on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Well, LinkedIn is an excellent place to promote content too. Simply posting content to the site isn't enough, however. We've hand-picked a few great tips and tricks for marketing content on this powerful social network, so study up to step up your content marketing game.

Get on Board with the LinkedIn Publishing Platform - Companies that learn the LinkedIn Publishing Platform tend to be the most successful with their content marketing efforts. It's easy enough to use, but LinkedIn offers a wealth of resources for making the most of it. Designate someone at your company to learn the ropes.

Refresh Your LinkedIn Profile - Your content marketing efforts will fall on deaf ears if your company profile is bland, generic and stale. First and foremost, make sure it's branded to be consistent with the rest of your company's image. Nu Skins does an excellent job in this regard. The company's LinkedIn page has the same look and feel as its website and other online profiles, so people instantly know they’re reading content from a trusted source. Also, consistently update your company page, and make sure to engage in plenty of LinkedIn activities so visitors can see that your business is active and ready to go.

Create Exceptional Content - Creating great content for LinkedIn is mostly about providing your audience with informative, compelling, interesting information that they can actually use. Therefore, you must know your audience and be willing to provide it with content that dovetails with its needs and expectations. Avoid generic, fluffy content at all costs. Avoid rehashing the same ideas again and again too. Sure, it's tricky coming up with fresh, interesting content on a regular basis, but doing so will help your star rise on LinkedIn and increase the odds of it being featured prominently by the social media giant.

Give LinkedIn Showcase Pages a Whirl - Targeted content will always outperform content that's delivered to a much broader audience. Through LinkedIn Groups, of course, you can target very specific users based on criteria like industry, company size and even job title. If you have specific product lines or other offshoots you'd like to promote, you can't go wrong with LinkedIn Showcase Pages. They are basically niche pages that serve as extensions for your overall brand, and you can post content directly from them to deliver engaging information to highly targeted audiences.

Avoid Hard-Selling at All Costs - Whatever you do, keep the promotional, salesy language at an absolute minimum. It's frowned upon on most social media platforms, but it's an especially major faux pas on a site like LinkedIn. People are there to make connections that will enhance their careers, so pushing the hard sell onto them will only alienate them and make your company look bad.

Check Out Companies Using LinkedIn Right for Inspiration

Sometimes, the best way to get a feel for how to proceed with a new endeavor is by seeing how others have put it into action. Nu Skins, which was mentioned previously, is a prime example of a business that's effectively using LinkedIn to promote content and, by extension, to promote its brand. IBM is a huge, powerful corporation, but its LinkedIn strategy is deceptively simple - and incredibly effective. The company understands what its audience wants, and it delivers relevant, interesting content about topics that keep followers coming back for more.

The takeaway here is not to overthink things. Be consistent, keep your content fresh, engaging, relevant and informative and, most of all, stay active on LinkedIn.

Jonathan Hulet

Jonathan Hulet

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