Copyblogger Just Nuked Their FB Page, Should We Do the Same?

Allocating critical advertising money on Facebook is becoming a drilled down science. We used to think of the number of likes as a critical indicator for customer engagement. But Copyblogger’s recent announcement that they would be shutting down their FB page may be heralding the need to re-evaluate your Facebook presence. So the question for the day is, will spending advertising money and time on Facebook do your business any good?

My personal experience

A quick answer for me is that it depends. There are some topics or Facebook pages that are ‘genuinely’ liked and shared by people. And then there are some businesses that are just magnets for fraudulent likes. It depends on the context, the product and most of all, the target demographic you’re trying to reach out to.

For example, I regularly spend 10% of my earnings for my online writer’s page. This is where I share the blog posts that I write for the day. I’ve noticed that in some of the posts, I got 400 likes using FB’s “Boost”. Upon checking the statistics, I noticed that nobody actually visited the blog post and nobody made a comment.

On the other hand, my other Facebook pages generate a constant flux of traffic even without spending or advertising. I just embedded the FB page activity widget on the blog’s sidebar and there was a surprising amount of activity.

What the marketing pros do

A well known prominent blogger and social media personality once publicly closed down his Facebook page three years ago. It was very dramatic and publicized. It also coincided with the launch of Google+. Fast forward to today and his Facebook page is back up and he’s now back to posting his selfie posts. Interestingly, the much publicized record of that event is now missing in the search results. I’ve managed to find a few links here and there.

What should you do?

Be natural. Focus on the real world and develop relationships from there. Remember, customer engagement starts from the value that you put out there. Our online presence is merely a shadow of that.

Let your fans proclaim your message. How would you do that? By delighting them so much that they want to burst out in joy and tell other people about how good you treated them. This will echo and reverberate online.

To conclude, integrating your real world activities with your online presence is of paramount importance. Ultimately, your audience are not sheep and they want the freedom to decide for themselves. Delight them and you will be rewarded.


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