Creating a Disaster-Proof Data Recovery Protocol

In the business world, where people are constantly coming up with innovative ways to move forward and improve efficiency, thinking about worst case scenarios is not a particularly enjoyable activity. However, the key to creating a disaster-proof data recovery protocol is to do just that. Company data is of the utmost importance, and drafting recovery strategies for every situation is the best way to ensure that something like being unprepared for data loss will not create downtime for your business or worse.


One of the most common points of failure on a computer is the operating system. All it takes is one stray click to accidentally download a virus or get infected with spyware that corrupts the registry. This can cause a computer to be unable to start up or function correctly. One of the easiest ways to address this issue is to have a backup strategy on a separate partition than the operating system so that both data and system components can be restored.

External Media

One issue about both partitioning and the dual hard drive system is the possibility of something happening to the computer as a whole. In the case of theft or water damage, for example, both the secondary hard drive and backup partition would be unable to be used. External media such as backup discs, high-capacity flash drives or external hard drives would be ideal. The best practice would be to store these items in an area separate from the office where the computer is located. This is to ensure that these backup mediums are also protected from wider scale damage such as a building fire.

Software Strategies

Some antivirus suites contain backup strategy options through proprietary software where users can schedule, manage and retrieve data. Functionality varies based on providers, but it may help save storage space and time. Similarly, some brand-new computers will have a built in backup option for users to restore system settings and data. Usually, the latter will have to be set up when the computer is new for optimal results.

Multiple Hard Drives

Storing data on a separate partition is a sensible backup strategy, but it does have its flaws. Consider what would happen if the hard drive failed. Not only would the main partition be damaged, but the backup partition would be as well. A data management specialist who earned their Information Assurance degrees online recommends backing up a second hard drive to protect your data in case the main drive fails.  

Online Backup Strategies

With how the cloud and other internet-based storage solutions are affecting the way businesses do their computing, it may be an even better option to have a main backup strategy that taps into online resources. By using this strategy, all of the data would still be available if the computer fails or gets damaged, and the restoration of data would take a minimal amount of time. Just as with the other backup strategies, however, it’s best not to rely totally on one backup strategy alone. Depending on the software and storage capacity, options may be limited.

In Conclusion

The best way to develop a fool-proof backup strategy that minimizes downtime and damage after either a small or large-scale disaster is to sit down and plan ahead. Depending on the resources available and the possible points of failure that are foreseen, it should be easy to narrow down the best possible backup strategy for recovering data and system components. If necessary, consult with an IT professional for advice.

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