Creating the Elusive Perfect Landing Page

When people browse the internet and click on a certain website, the first thing that will appear to them is the landing page. A good landing page will not just catch the attention of the visitor but also pique their interest. So how does one create that elusive perfect landing page?

In an online marketing, a landing page is very much important. Also known as the lead capture page or the lander, the landing page is the first page, a single web page, visitors see as a result of clicking on a search engine optimization or on an online advertisement.

The lander or the landing page should be highly taken into consideration since it will be the first thing that will appear when visitors search your website or click at your online advertisement. To make a great and attractive landing page there are a few things you need to bear in mind.

  • A prominent and notable heading – it is important that your landing page contains a notable heading. Your heading must be something that will let your visitors know that they have come to right place. Your heading must also be simple yet convincing, telling those browsers that you are offering what they need.
  • Simple and understandable statements – it does not mean you have to make your grammar perfect, or you have to make use of flashy and foreign-sounding adjectives and descriptions. Just make sure what people see and read in your landing page are understandable.

It does not matter if the words you use are simple, as long as people pick up what you are trying to say in your landing page. And also, be careful with spelling and subject-verb agreement. Wrong spellings and sloppy grammar can cause loss or lack of trust because people will think that your ad is ambiguous and not trustworthy.

  • Graphic presentations or Images – if you are planning to include or have already included images in your landing page be sure that those will not confuse your visitors. The images or infographics should not be the main influence of your landing page, though they will add attractiveness and appeal to it.

Those images may represent your products but let that representation be something that will just remain that way not making it as the main content to the lander or the landing page. And it also goes to the videos that you might want to include.

  • Give the best details above the fold – the “fold” is the part of your webpage that the browser can easily see without scrolling down. It is important that you will put all the pertinent details and other important information above the fold in order for shoppers, especially those who just beginners, to see what immediately what they are looking for.
  • The decision to call or contact you – make sure that your contact details are easy to see and are above the fold. When your landing page is attractive, fantastic and has answered the major questions your shopper has, then the decision to contact or call you is just an inch away.

Creating that perfect landing page to have your website gain more visitors is just simple as long as you bear in mind the points aforementioned. It is important that you understand what your landing page must consist before making one.

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