Delightful Branding Through Guest Blogging

Remember back then when websites were static pages with colors that often hurt the eyes? Comic Sans the font, was quite acceptable to use. If you had a GIF image background with purple glittering stars or falling snow, people often went “Wow, how did you do that?”

I was in my second year of High School back then and only two websites stood out for me. Yahoo.com and NBA.com. They were both easy to remember and easy to type.

Loading images took ages over a 28 Kbps (Kilobytes per second) dial-up connection and everything about the experience made you very careful. I read every text link on the Yahoo page before I ever clicked them. Much of my Internet growth years was spent adoring Yahoo for all the things it gives away for free - that included email. I should know, because I was always searching for free email because most of the cool websites needed you to have one to sign in!

If you had a website back then, getting a link from another site was like getting the ‘Rod of Resurrection’. That’s how valuable links were. They’re a conceptual equivalent to having someone put in a good word for you. Like, “This guy’s product or service is good, I’ll give you his number.”

Having a website on your own domain and not on Geocities or Homestead was a mark of distinction about your coolness. Then there was blogging, social media and marketing.

181,000,000 blogs later…

Your company is fresh starting out and nobody knows about it except your mom. You have an Earth shattering product or service that you just want to share to the masses but have no idea how to get the message across. Nobody wants to link to a new website or a blog and only twitter bots follow your twitter account.

Guest blogging is the next logical step after getting your web presence up. But, and I must state this with full emphasis, get to know the community first. Chances are, if you’ve made something, it would fall into the purview of a particular niche or category. So, you’ve made autonomous mind-controlled robotic prosthetics - there’s a community for that. Maybe you specialize in organic agriculture, there’s a community for that. Gravitate towards those who share the same interests and get to know who’s who in that realm. Better yet, get to know everybody and appreciate them for who they are. Take it to the extra mile and extend more appreciation for their talents and skills.

After befriending them, that’s when needs will arise. They’ll become familiar with you. The value you put in becomes indispensable. In blogging, the knowledge, experience and value you put in becomes your alter ego. You want to be associated with words like, “reliable”, “trustworthy”, “honest” and “more than capable”. Blogging is about dealing with accurate, useful and if possible, insider information within legal bounds. This is where your specialized knowledge comes in and this is where your product or service and ultimately your brand can prove itself to be valuable.


Beyond Blogging

Beyond blogging are the means to get the word out. These are your social media tools, search engine rules and guidelines, networking methods and beyond. Learn them and utilize them to get the message across but don’t delve too deeply in them that it becomes a matter about the tools rather than the relationship or the product or service.

Using your creativity to explore the meaning of your endeavors in the lives of others is an exciting aspect of slowly building your brand, virtual brick by virtual brick. Mojang, the recent $2.2 billion dollar acquisition by Microsoft wasn’t built on the number of likes, tweets, shares or plus ones it had. It was built on delighting enthusiasts with a game that made history.

Virtual Delight


  1. Noun: great pleasure. 
  2. Verb: to please greatly.

Concentrate on delighting your audience by exuding the emotional response of happiness that your product or service can bring. Going the extra mile to do so creates an emotional reaction in the brains of your audience. Now this lasts depending on the level and duration of joy that you give them. Deliver it on a constant basis, and they’ll want more.

It then becomes a necessary part of their plans in life. Remember, each one of us has a destination and we need and appreciate all the help we can get. Be the helpful and delightful persona that everybody wants to be around.


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