Digging the Phenomenal Rise of "Yo" the App

"Yo!" Your phone ubiquitously yells and everybody turns around.

"Nope, it's just the phone." You sheepishly grin as everybody goes back to what they were doing. Meanwhile, you're racking up your own Yo count from random strangers on the Internet. You've found that the more you Yo somebody, the more they Yo back to you. For now, you discover that your own social network is the best way to find fellow Yo'ers.


Phenomenal Rise

Meanwhile on the blogging front, most major media outfits are scratching their heads in unison and scrambling to try and get to grips with the fact that the App now has a million users with 200,000 downloading it every day. Venture Beat’s headline even singes with befuddled envy, “Yo, that stupidly simple messaging app, now has a million users”.

You could almost picture Life Before Us LLC CEO creator of Yo Or Arbel, holding endless meetings with his new staff trying to come up with innovative ways on how to monetize this surprising development. An app with a phenomenal rise such as this surely must have a venue for making money. True enough, just a few days after news broke out about Yo reaching the 1 million milestone comes the announcement that Yo will be integrated with the World Cup. Just add the username “WorldCup” and Yo will, well, Yo you about goals made in the game.


Lessons learned in marketing

1. “Outrageously simple” rules

Oftentimes, we figure that the best marketing plan out there is a detailed multi-pronged thrust into different platforms. But sometimes, plain old word of mouth marketing works best. Of course, when you say word of mouth marketing these days, it usually means online friends recommending things to their online friends.


2. Fun and funny as key factors

Look at games such as Farmville, Flappy bird and Candy Crush. Most of the time, when it comes to offering something out there to the masses, things that have a fun factor go way up the list of the things to download. The sillier it gets the more funny bones are tickled. These “feel good” fun apps are precisely what people want although analysts may say otherwise. It’s okay to be silly and it’s doubly better to offer something of value beneath the silliness. ‘What’s the value of the Yo app?’ you may be asking, well in this unique app’s case, it could be anything.

Picture sending a Yo, without any context or words to elaborate to a friend.

The friend would know nothing save for the fact that the friend who sent the Yo was thinking about something. On one hand, it’s an icebreaker of sorts. Want to say something quite personal to that cute officemate? Yo them. Want to remind kids of their chores while you’re still at work? Yo them! Want to remind the hubby or the wife to not forget the carton of milk or the groceries before heading home? Just Yo them! That’s its value.


3. Keep it simple silly

Sometimes, even the best marketing managers tend to over think what they’re doing. An app or an offering may offer something that has a distinct and great value. But if this ‘great value’ is not communicated well because of a cluttered and overcomplicated presentation, you might as well be selling nothing but air to a prospective customer who was already decided to buy.

Yo is simple but Yo is powerful. People get why they want it and people get why they need it. That’s the key to its amazing rise.

Image via Yo the App at JustYo.co

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