Do You Understand the ROI of Branding?

Why is branding an important part of establishing an organization? To answer this question, a Dutch agency represented by the Kingdom of Netherland’s Embassy in India were invited by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) to be part of a seminar about Return on Investment (ROI) in Branding.

Importance of Branding

The main purpose of this collaboration was to educate Indian organizations about the importance of branding. H.E. Alphonsus Stoelinga, the Ambassador to India from the Kingdom of Netherlands explained that branding plays an important role in shaping any organization. It helps the company gain recognition from diverse customer groups on various platforms.

The Ambassador further explained that the brand of a company is their national and international identity. To demonstrate this better, he explained that if your company has an established brand name, people all around are going to know a lot about you, even before meeting you. Therefore, if your brand is powerful enough, your road to success will be effortless.

The Fault in India’s Approach to Branding

Founder and CEO of Brand Dialogue, Willem Woudenberg directly addressed the faults of Indian brands. He stated that in India, people don’t see much of a difference between advertising and branding and often end up mixing the two different concepts.

Woudenberg said that, branding in India is considered to be a part of sales and is approached as a short-term aim. He says that despite the fact that major Indian brands receive massive national recognition, they have minimal international recognition and that their branding strategy is at fault for this problem.

Advantages of Branding

A crisp and clear branding strategy provides multiple benefits for an organization.

  • It helps the organization gain recognition amongst consumer groups. Since consumers have a psychological tendency to purchase products from familiar names, perfect branding helps the organization become a trusted name.
  • In today’s extremely competitive world, branding sets your organization apart from the other competitors in the market. Your branding strategy should be such that it sets you apart from the million others on a global platform.
  • The right branding strategy is an excellent way to promote the DNA of your organization. It helps consumers understand what your business is about, how is it different from others and why you should pick it, instead of the million others in the market.
  • Other benefits of branding are that it informs a customer about your products, creates a trusted relationship between the buyer and seller and most importantly, clearly explains your business value. 

Talks on Branding by Established Businessmen

All these factors were discussed at the importance of RIO in Branding seminar by businessmen like Paul Stork, Director of Fabrique, who spoke about the importance of design in branding, Loe Limpens, partner and Chief Creative Officer of Yellow Dress Retail who spoke about private label branding, and Rik Riezenbos, who demonstrated the importance of ‘Branding as a Function of Positioning’.

Note-worthy Indian Speakers and Brands Present

A number of established Indian businessmen joined their Dutch partners to speak about RIO in branding. CEO of Brands of Desire, Saurabh Uboweja, spoke from India’s perspective and stated that the country needs to move from an uncertain to a revolutionary approach on branding. Director of Wolf Olins FZ LLC, Zia Patel, discussed that brands can be strengthened with assistance from different management parts.

Other notable members present were Head of Retail and FMCG Division at FICCI, Shilpa Gupta and Rajiv Batra, group-head of Corporate Affairs at Hindustan Unilever Limited. Some of the notable brands present were JTC Tea, Benetton India, GMR and SRL among others at this seminar on understanding the RIO of Branding.

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