Ecological Marketing

Ecological marketing, also known as “Green Marketing”, is the method used for positioning a product or a brand as ecological in order to sell it, or by using environmental actions in order to add value to the brand’s image. As with many other types of campaigns, some are perfect, yet some others are misleading or even downright abusive. Here is the information needed in order to set yourself on the right path when it comes to polishing your image using Green Marketing.

The Basic Idea

The company that wishes to start ecological marketing needs to do certain actions that are based on these principles: • The ecological aspects of a certain product (such as ecological raw materials, biodegradable or recyclable product, fair-trade product, etc.) • “Green Publicity” ad campaigns (planting a tree for each purchase, etc.) • The company’s environmental promises (foundations, ecological actions, etc.)


The main goal of these green actions is, before all else, to increase the company’s sales by involving the buyer in a process of sustainable development. The strategy of the company is based on the consumer’s trust when he buys a product. And the fact that he bought this product brings him or her the satisfaction the he or she has done what is good for the environment. What companies need to avoid, though, is greenwashing – when it spends far more money on publicity campaigns than on actually doing good for the environment.


Eco-conception is the basis of ecological production and, therefore, ecological marketing. The life cycle of the product is taken into account. There are many things a company can do in order to achieve this:

1. During the manufacturing process:

• Reducing the weight of the materials (therefore it uses less gas to transport it) • Making the packaging and the product smaller • Making it with reusable or recyclable products • Creating less pollution during the manufacturing process • Creating less waste • Saving energy • Making a long-lasting product

2. During the launch: • Modifying the secondary packaging • Reducing packaging • Using environmentally-friendly ways to announce their products (such as email or an internet website launch)

3. At the consumer level: • Environmental tags on the product to entice the consumer to stop polluting

4. Destruction stage: • The product is reusable or recyclable

These points are just starters. Of course there are many more ways to become and ecologically-minded company. By doing this, you are creating an entirely different image for yourself.

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Green Vegan

Green Vegan

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