Essential Online Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

Running a small business is a time-consuming, challenging way to make a living and you don’t always have time to spend on managing your website although it’s usually the most important marketing tool in your armory!

Here are some tips to highlight the key aspects of website management which should help you keep your online marketing strategy productive and successful.

Content is king

Your website is your online shop window. The more people you can attract to visit your shop window and browse the goods you have to offer, the more sales you will make. So, why would people visit your website? Is the information you offer them interesting, thought provoking, product relevant and to the point?

The more product-relevant content you have the more hits you will generate from the various search engines and therefore the more visitors you will receive. Set aside at least an hour a week devoted to researching and adding new content to your site. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, delegate the task to an employee with an aptitude for writing or invest in the services of a good freelancer.

Keep it fresh

Content is all very well unless it’s months or even years out of date. Search engines actually track how frequently you make changes to your site and the more often your content is updated, the better your rank in the freshness category.

Blogging is a great way of producing good results and even better if your blog is interactive with a facility for visitors to sign up to your site in order to place comments on the content within the blog. If you don’t have time to manage the blog yourself, check out a professional company like Goodblogs!


People (and search engines) prefer organised, well-structured sites. Surfers are generally in a hurry to find the information they are looking for and will not be prepared to spend hours trawling through reams of waffle to find the nugget of information they want.

Structure your site with headings and organise them into relevant groups. When putting together articles, include plenty of headings to enable visitors to skip straight to the bit they’re interested in.

Quality code

Although you may not have much control over the code used to create your site, it’s still important to know that it has been checked for errors and bugs and is widely available across variable platforms and via different browsers. Make sure that your web design company uses standard compliant code that has been fully validated for errors.


In the world of websites and online marketing, a site’s look and style are as important and the information contained within it. Style is all about making sure that the site is easy to read. In other words, avoid things like black backgrounds with white text which can be hard to read. People read by identifying word shapes; if all your text is in block capitals, you are forcing your visitors to read every single letter which quickly becomes very irritating. It’s also important to check your website using a colour blindness test to make sure that visitors with colour blindness can still read everything.


Good imagery is crucial if you are selling a product or service and it really is well worth investing in some professional photographs for your website. Remember, online prospects are making a decision on whether or not to buy your product from your description and the image you have provided, so better make it good!

These are just a few hints to think about when managing your website. Remember, it’s always worth investing in a professionally produced and managed site if you don’t have the experience or time to do it yourself. The initial outlay will be repaid over and over again by sales and traffic so it really is well-worth it.



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