Four Landing Page Mistakes to Avoid


Your landing pages are an important way to attract people to your brand, so make sure you avoid these mistakes when setting yours up.

It’s very name displays what it is - a landing page is a page on a website where traffic will be sent, whether from a banner ad, a link from an email or blog post, for instance. Making the most of your landing pages can help your site visitors learn about your brand and choose your product and/or services. It is vital to have important information on here that you want visitors to see. So, here are some things to avoid:

  • 1. Mismatched Headlines and Ads

Bear in mind that your headlines and advertising copy that appear on your landing pages should work in unison. If they are incompatible or look strange together, then this can be off-putting for site visitors. Make sure that the site looks harmonious.

  • 2. Too Many Links

If you have too many links on your landing pages that direct visitors to other sites, this can be confusing for them and make your page look messy. Focus on making your landing page as clear and simple as possible. Only feature links that are important.

  • 3. Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

You’ll be surprised how many landing pages have errors in the form of spelling and/or grammar. These have the effect of making you appear less professional than you want to be seen, or making your site seem less safe. Would you purchase medication that contains spelling errors on its packaging? No, so then why would you want to hand over billing details to an online business? It’s the same thing.

  • 4. Not Having a Call to Action

What is it you want your visitors to do after viewing your landing pages? Should they view the rest of the website, scroll through your online shop or contact you about your business services, for instance? Use your landing pages to guide your visitor to the next step so that they know what it is they should do. Buttons telling your visitors what to do (such as 'buy now') should also be readily available to make their navigation of the landing pages much easier.


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