4 Ways to Start Using Facebook Marketing


If many of your customers and target market are using Facebook, you want to be able to connect with them and market your brand, so take charge of the opportunity. Here are some ways to do it.

  • 1. Focus on a Goal

Your Facebook page can be a great way to reach out - but the catch is it should be a way to forward your business goals. For instance, if you know that your customers want to receive product information or be able to connect with you online about problems or concerns they have, then you can fine-tune your page to make use of these services.

  • 2. Send Important Info

Whatever you hope to achieve with Facebook, you should send out updates to all your fans and people that have liked your page. This should be done regularly so that you stay above the radar of the News Feed without being forgotten. However, you should try not to send out too many updates on unnecessary things. Make every status update focused on your company goals and interesting to readers. Just think: the better your status updates, the more others will like them and even share them with potential new customers.

  • 3. Use Images Creatively

With people usually logging in and out of Facebook, they might not have much time to read status updates and information. Therefore, it helps to catch their attention in a quick way with images. Facebook gives you a chance to upload a profile picture and a cover photo on your page. However, you can take this one step further to connect with your fans. An idea could be to advertise special products on your cover photo so it’s the first thing they see when they visit your page.

  • 4. Use Facebook to Enhance YouTube Followings

Creating videos for your marketing aims is a great way to reach out to the millions of people that are on YouTube, but you can use social media sites such as Facebook to help direct people to these videos. When posting an update, include the link to a direct YouTube video and don’t forget to write a short description of it. People are more likely to click on a link to a different website if they know what it's about and they’re intrigued about what they can expect.



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