Gamification Is the New Playground for Lead Generation

Have you ever noticed the irony between work and play? When you are working, no matter how rested you are, you always feel tired. When you are playing on the other hand, you can go all night long without feeling the least bit tired. Of late, businesses have tried tapping into the potential of introducing gaming into lead generation programs to better motivate and monitor their employees. Gamification now is not only the playground for leisure time but also for lead generation.

Employing gamification in lead generation

For those who are unfamiliar with the term gamification, it simply means using game thinking and employing game mechanics into applications that are not intended for gaming. This is usually employed to better engage users and improve the ease of use of systems. If it is still difficult to comprehend the effective use of gamification in lead generation, here are a few of its benefits:

  • It inspires competition among team members.

Everybody thrives on a little healthy competition. It pushes people to do better. However, if you put competition in a more serious level, it could potentially overwhelm people. So introducing the gamification aspect into lead generation systems could balance out the good and the bad of competition.

A good example would be a system wherein one sales rep could compete or challenge another sales rep to make a certain number of calls to clients in a day. A notification would appear across the system for all the other sales rep to see. With this friendly competition going on, your staff could be better motivated to do more than just the basics in order to win the said competition.

  • It is easier for managers to monitor their people.

Tracking would actually be easier through the systems with gamification. Since there would be a dashboard available for all the “conquests” of your sales staff, this could be utilized to monitor their progress. All games would have stats of players to see who is on top. The same way, lead generation programs would have these stats in their dashboard so that others could also see who is on top.

  • It cuts the monotony of work.

Let’s face it. Work will always be work and it will always be met with some un-enthusiasm. However, if you try to mix in the idea of being able to “play” while at work, it gives a whole new perspective on tasks and projects. Work would get a little more exciting especially since the whole team would be involved then. Instead of just seeing all the work to be done, sales employees would view it as who is doing better than others.

The sales market is a highly competitive and fast paced world. People could get easily burned out if they do not find the balance between work and play. So what better way to do so than to incorporate gamification into lead generation programs? It would then serve as a playground for the sales people where they can work more effectively and efficiently.

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