Get Personal, The Right Way!

Email marketing has been around for years now, yet most companies struggle to get it right. With hundreds of emails hitting our inbox every day, we hardly have the time to glance through a few. Assuming this is the right way to catch a potential customer’s attention almost every email is addressed with the customer’s first or last name or both, concluding this is personalization at its best.

While this is the most cost efficient way of publicity, this could also be a disaster waiting to happen. Optimum and effective utilization of email marketing can help generate some very appropriate leads. You’d atleast want people to call and enquire or drop an email to enquire rather than just not calling at all.

Spending quality time on designing the appropriate mail to target each segment of the market and penetrate its full worth comes at additional cost and market analysis. Addressing the mail with no relevant content for a customer is lost opportunity.

The prerequisite to any marketing is to understand the segment you are catering to and the product offered. You cannot self a pension plan to a 70 year old, they would not even qualify based on age. You may not be able to focus on the income when sending emails as it would be difficult to classify and track periodically.

The use of questionnaires or surveys could help in data collation; however it is a must to keep the questions minimum and precise. The questions should be framed or designed in a way that you get the details essential understand your customer base and classify them accordingly. The foundation for any survey comes from the possible target audience and the product features.

Using a catchy one liner or showing concern for your customer at the onset of the email could help gather the reader’s attention. For example when you login to a shopping website, choose a product and don’t purchase it. The seller would contact you over mail saying something like “we understand you were facing difficulty buying the product can we help you” or just drops you a link saying click on it to continue with your purchase.

While most companies especially ecommerce and health care have caught up with the market trend, B2B staggers far behind because of the monotonous emails sent. With no “What’s in it for me” personalized content in the email the customer just does not feel special. It as simple as going to shop and picking up a ready to wear ensemble, if for the same price but tailor made feature you had the opportunity to get a similar ensemble the choice would be the obvious.

The right way to deal to any email advertising or marketing is to get into the customer’s heart and mind through the data collected and be able to show them what they currently think. Personalizing the email makes the customer feel a special bond and connect the content to his/her thoughts, there by generating interest in the content and increasing the possibilities of a potential customer.

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