Getting The Most Out Of Pay-Per-Click Recruitment Advertising

Pay-per-click recruitment advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach the kind of talent that your business needs. It offers a cost-effective means of doing so, which in turn can help your business spend less while reaching a broader audience than you would with traditional job-search media. Below are four tips that will help you get even more out of your pay-per-click recruitment ads.

Maintain a Budget Relative in Size to Your Efforts

It's incredibly easy to spend a small fortune on pay-per-click advertising. That's why one of the most important rules of running a PPC campaign is to keep the budget at a size that relates to your efforts. Given PPC's well-tracked nature, doing so is relatively easy. If you don't know how much you should spend, then it's always a smart idea to start small. You can scale your pay-per-click efforts up at almost any time, which is generally what you should do when you create an effective ad that works for your business.

Motivate the Right People to Click

One important trait that your recruitment ads need is the ability to persuade the right people to click your ads while dissuading people whom you wouldn't hire. This helps you pay only for the clicks that potential new hires make. You can make your ads weed out people who are incorrect for your business by outlining requirements, job details, or certain criteria that inform potential hires before they click on your ads. A Ballantine pay-per-click marketing specialist says doing so will save you money in the long run.

Carefully Monitor Performance

Another of PPC's strengths reside with just how easy it is to track the progress of individual campaigns. PPC records every click, and some PPC networks provide additional tools that can offer insight as to the type of individuals that click on your ads. When you monitor these statistics closely and utilize methods like A/B split testing, it's possible to create efficient recruitment ad campaigns.

Streamline Your Landing Page

You've done all this work to get the right job candidates to click on your pay-per-click recruitment ads, the last thing you want to do is to drive them away with lengthy applications on your landing pages. That's why compact landing pages tend to provide the most efficient results. Streamline the application process. You may want to make it as simple as entering an email and clicking “Submit” on your page after outlining a few details about the position.

Following the tips listed above will drastically improve the effectiveness of any current and future pay-per-click recruitment campaigns you run. This can make finding skilled employees easier, cost-efficient and smoother while providing better results than those traditional job-seeking ads might give.


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