Hashtag it! Five Ways Hashtags Can Boost Your Social Media Success

You see the symbol - # - everywhere on social media but do you know just how powerful it can be for your business and brand? Here is why you should be hashtagging your way through social media.

1. Hashtags Group Topics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that hashtags are considered to be clever symbols that group together topics. So, for instance, if someone on Twitter hashtags the topic of 'Chelsea FC' or 'social networking', all the tweets pertaining to that topic will be grouped together and seen when someone searches for the keyword.

2. Make Use of Real Time Updates

Don’t you hate it when you’re searching for a topic only to find outdated answers or feedback? Well, hashtags come to the rescue because they offer the latest data on a subject since feedback is updated in real time. So, if you mention 'Chelsea FC' as a hashtag on Twitter, and then half an hour later another supporter of the team mentions them, then theirs will appear before yours. You won't miss a thing.

3. But - Unblock Your Account!

When using hashtags before a tweet or phrase, make sure you are not tweeting from a private account as this will cause your hashtagged words not to appear in searches.

4. Don’t Get Hashtag Happy

If you use too many hashtags on a tweet or other social media message, this can be a negative thing for your social media strategy because it lessens the potency of your message. It can also be annoying for readers or look like you’re not choosing the strongest words or phrases. Rather use one hashtagged phrase that is powerful, instead of three or four that are weaker.

5. Make it Clear

An obvious, clear hashtag can work best because it will be easy for consumers to recall. Keep it simple and it will get your message across in a way that can boost your business.

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