Headline Writing Tips That Grab People’s Interest

Your newsletter, sales copy, blog post, web content or article headline is the most important line you will ever write. The headline is your first impression to attract a person to read your newsletter or article. If your headline doesn’t convey a compelling promise, most people will never take the time to read what’s inside. If you expect your customers to read what you have to say, it is important to gain the necessary skills needed to write a great headline. 

New business owners find it difficult to sit down and write a newsletter, article, or blog post for the first time. The first common mistake many new marketers make is writing their content first. They feel if they can put their thoughts down first, the headline will magically appear. This is not the case. Before you ever write one word of content, you first need to write your headline. 

When you start a communication with your customers, you need a basic idea of what subject matter you want to write about. It doesn’t matter if you are composing an email, newsletter, sales letter, report, or blog article, you need an idea about your subject. Once you have your idea, the next step is to write a headline that grabs your reader’s attention before you compose your first word. 

Certain headlines will immediately grab the attention of your readers. When writing your first headline, follow these simple rules to write one that will interest your readers. 

How To 

A “How To” headline will attract the attention of your readers. The headline tells your readers that you want to teach them something new that will benefit their life. In this type of headline you need to explain to your readers how to receive their benefits faster, cheaper, or easier.

Last Chance 

When you write a “Last Chance” headline you immediately grab the interest of your readers. You are telling them something that is fleeting. You convey to your readers that it is their last chance to benefit from a sale, promotion, or free giveaway. Everyone will read your message because they hate to lose out on what you are offering. 

Time Sensitive 

When a reader sees a “Time Sensitive” headline it immediately strikes their curiosity. Your customers will immediately open your newsletter and start reading. They will be concerned about missing out on your time sensitive offer. 

Free Bonuses 

This is yet another great headline that attracts customers to read your content. Your customers will be interested in what you have to offer them for free or reward them for buying one of your products. Most people’s curiosity will immediately have them reading about your free bonus and how much they need to spend to receive this bonus. 

Never Seen Before 

When you are introducing a new product line using a “Never Seen Before” headline is an eye catcher for your readers. Most people will ignore ads if they think they have already seen it on the market. But when your product line has brand new this will attract your readers to open your newsletter and read your content. 

I Dare You 

This is an excellent headline grabber for your clients. You are challenging your clients to a dare. It is human nature to try to prove a person wrong. In order for them to do this they will need to buy your product first. 

In Conclusion 

There are many ways to grab the attention of your readers and strike their curiosity. Your headline needs to be dynamic, challenging, daring, and compelling. When you sit down for the first time to write your newsletter, blog post, sales copy, or email message, remember that your headline will determine if your readers open your content and read further.

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