Here’s Why this is so Critical in Branding: Top 5 Reasons

Information age has made it easier for people to set us global businesses and compete against each other in the worldwide market. More people are building the business today and hence building a brand name has become more difficult than ever before. However, with every change happening in the environment, some change in strategy can get you going and get you success. If you have been in business since many years, you know many branding techniques that do not work anymore because of the changing environment. What needs to be done here is devising some new methods that work in today’s scenario. Branding is a delicate art and as much as you need to know what to do, you must know what not to do. Just like painting on a canvas, one wrong move could destroy it and take ours of tactful correction to make it look fine. So what are the things you need to consider while building a brand?

Know what your brand stands for, and what it does not

When you come up with a brand name, there are millions of impressions you are already creating in the minds of people. You cannot help it - people are already conditioned to think about certain things in certain manner. When you go out branding, you do not get a clean slate to impress. You have confused minds that you have to direct. You must be clear what your brand is and what it is not and every branding exercise you do should clearly speak of it.

Say it out loud

Branding should be done in such a manner so that the old impressions in the minds of people are deleted and new impressions are formed. It is good to have customers expect the right things from you – the things that you are actually going to provide. It is not that fake advertising does not work, but it does not work for long. If you offer what you promise, you have loyal customers for life. So make it clear what you are going to offer to avoid disappointments. Most companies use a tag line that clearly speaks loudly of what the company does.

Trust goes a long way

People want to do business with a brand they trust. You are sincerely doing your job well by giving them the best quality products or services. How to build this trust? Tell them. Tell them if you use 5 times filtered water in your products or about the constituent you specially import from abroad because it is better. Whatever your USP is, speak it up. Let the users know if you use vegetarian stuff or take care of something that matters to them. Transparency leads to credibility and trust. It might sound irrelevant, but it might gain you respect in the marketplace.

Reach the right audience

Every businessperson has a dream. The people who could relate to your brand are often the people with similar dreams and goals in life. Connecting with these people does help the brand. Because they are already enthusiastic with what you do and what you do and do not stand for, they are with you at all times. These are the people that become your loyal customers. If you want brand loyalty, find out what your brand means and reach out to those people to whom your brand would really mean something. For example if your product helps people quit smoking, find people who have quit smoking or who had some health challenge due to smoking etc.

Engage your people

Many marketers make the mistake of assuming that reaching out means asking them to buy. Not everyone will need your product. If you are talking to someone who has already quit smoking, he does not need your ecigarettes. But he would be happy to help you sell some. He can share his testimony and recommend your brand to his friends and relatives. Engage them. Hit them at the place where they remember that they really care about what you are doing. Ask them questions and listen to them. This keeps them engaged and makes you a top brand.

There are many technical aspects of brand building that good marketers already know. What they need to remember is that people are people and it the emotional impact of their brand that drives them. It is important to touch the right people at the right places to build your brand well. The above aspects are essential and supplement any marketing or branding campaign well.


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