How To Create Your Own Personal Brand

Marketing your business successfully is obviously vitally important for growth but what about your own reputation? Personal brand is the hot topic of the moment; like it or not. Attracting customers to your business is crucial but networking with your suppliers, clients and competition is equally important if you are to establish the right sort of “rep” within your industry.

But how do you brand yourself? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Understanding the concept

Before you start, you need to have a clear understanding of the concept of successful branding. Think about some major success stories; Virgin, Apple and Nike for example. Each has a relatively small selection of concepts and meanings which their target fan-base buys into. For instance, Apple “says” easy on the eye, cutting edge consumer technology; accompanied by its immediately recognisable Apple logo.

Approach your own personal brand in the same way; create a set of personal concepts that are strong, positive and consistent.

First of all, think about your main core purpose.

Have a sense of purpose

You need a clear, personal vision. What do you hope to achieve and why is it of such importance to you? Don’t allow this personal vision to restrict your long-term goals; it should instead help to give you clear focus on the shorter term achievements you want to make.

Look at your history and your future aspirations

Most people have conflicting and often varied career and business histories. This need not be a problem all long as you can combine all this experience into a coherent story. Consider all those experiences and ask yourself how they helped you to mature in business; how you’ve changed and grown and how your vision is now much clearer.

Great personal branding is all about the story of your life and how you tell it.

Be clear about your 'brand positioning'

Brand positioning simply refers to what you mean to your audience relative to other brands. Where would you like to be? Your brand must be unique and distinguishing; something to set you apart from all the rest.

Be clear in your own mind about exactly what you have to offer and these different aspects of your persona make you stand out from the crowd.

Tell a great story

To make your brand truly memorable you really need to capture the attention of your audience; excite them, inspire them and build confidence and trust in you and your own brand.

Avoid exaggeration and invention

All truly successful brands are not built on fairy tales but on fact. Don’t be tempted to overstate your achievements; modest self-confidence is attractive, arrogance is unappealing and will alienate people, and rest assured that any shortcomings will soon be exposed.

Make yourself irreplaceable and irresistible

Great personal brand reputation comes from the value that you add to people’s lives and the way in which you conduct yourself. Make the most of every opportunity that presents itself to serve your clients, colleagues, suppliers and competitors with enthusiasm and demonstrate your commitment to your business.

A really great personal brand makes you memorable for all the right reasons; get it right and your company will go from strength to strength.

Alison Page

About Alison Page

Alison is a small business owner, freelance writer, author and dressage judge. She has degrees in Equine Science and Business Studies. Read her full story at http://www.theladywriter.co.uk

Alison Page

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