How To Enhance B2B Marketing Campaigns Using Online Video

Consumers just love video. Period. Over 182 million Americans alone watched online video last September, engaging in a total of 39.8 billion video views. Savvy B2B marketers are quickly realising the power of online video in their email marketing campaigns.

Here are 7 great tips for harnessing the power of online video in your company’s email marketing strategy.

1. The 60 second rule

Make sure your video is 60 seconds or less. Stats show that online video viewers lose interest and move on after 60 seconds so don’t waste time producing a stunning online video that goes on forever; it simply won’t be viewed and your key message may not be received.

2. Get your message across

You must send the viewer a clear message in the first few seconds of the video which spells out exactly what you are offering them. Engaging online videos deliver the main element of the message at the very beginning and this is proven to increase conversion rates. Tell the viewer what your offer is right at the start.

Steer clear of videos that just serve to highlight your brand; these are a turn off for viewers.

3. Utilise existing resources

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your video. Most companies have already invested in good quality, approved marketing tools like logos, images etcetera and these can be recycled in combination with professional-grade graphics or stock videos to make great marketing videos.

4. Embed Linked Thumbnail Images

Users like minimal effort when it comes to accessing message content. The best method of integrating your online video into your email campaign is to embed a thumbnail image linked to the video that includes a “play” button. When the recipient clicks the play button, they are automatically directed to a browser window which displays the video on a video marketing landing page.

5. Brand your video landing pages

Don’t use YouTube to host your marketing videos. Use a branded landing page. This provides you with control over the user experience and also allows space for text-based offers, lead capture forms and calls-to-action.

The landing page should reinforce the intended call-to-action of your marketing campaign.

6. Mobile video and web support

So many people use smart phones to surf the web now that it’s vital all your video based email marketing campaigns can be delivered using both HTML5 and Flash formats. Flash-only format cannot be viewed from iPads or iPhones and you will be missing out on potentially thousands of leads if you neglect to accommodate these users.

7. Analyse results

Analytics gathered from all your marketing initiatives are very important if you are to accurately measure the success of your campaigns and make any necessary adjustments to improve performance. Video viewership stats including; number of views, time viewed, duration of viewing, traffic sources etcetera will help you to understand when a particular video is effective and when it isn’t. Online videos can also be utilised to great effect for A/B testing.

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