How To Get Your Company Brand Right

Whether you are just starting out in business or are ready to expand, you will need to get your branding right if you are to grab customers’ attention and succeed. Branding covers all aspects of your business from your website to the message you express to your company logo. Your brand should be consistent, professional and appealing.

Here are five simple tips to help get you started.

Intelligent use of colour

Colour affects the way people think and feel and it’s important that you choose the right colour scheme for your brand message. Think about the colours that are commonly associated with your particular industry; for example, green is often associated with eco-friendly companies and health whereas professional organisations often use dark blue as this signifies seriousness.

Take a look around at other similar companies in your industry to see what colour schemes they have adopted. You will quickly see a common denominator that you can use as the basis for your own branding materials.

Invest in a designer

Many small businesses on limited budgets think that they can’t afford to hire a graphic design company for their logos, business cards etc; but can you afford not to? Think outside the norm and consider using freelance or contractor designers, college students or even crowdsourcing sites. All these options will allow you to have professionally designed material at a fraction of the cost of larger, more established firms and you will also be giving other start-ups a chance. It is worth the expense of having your logo and other branding materials professionally designed as the impression you create is all-important. Amateurish and cheap-looking material is only going to give the impression that your company is underfunded and poorly run and this will drive customers away, rather than draw them to you.

Consistency is important

Perhaps the most important rule of branding is to keep is consistent and simple across all your material; your website, your logo, business cards and social media platforms. This will make it easier for people to remember your brand and avoids confusion whilst looking professional and smooth.

Let people make assumptions from your branding

Branding is all about creating an impression. If your office is also your bedroom and you work in jogging bottoms or even your pyjamas, your branding doesn’t have to say that! Well thought-out, professional branding can make your company seem like an international corporate player, even if it isn’t. That’s fine; people like to feel confident in companies they work with and buy from and good branding can make them feel that way about yours.

Don’t be afraid to update

Whilst it’s important to remain consistent and not chop and change your brand every few months, you also need to modernise every so often. Small changes can be made which will bring your logo up to date and make it look fresher without losing the impression you’ve worked so hard to create. By way of an example, take a look at how Pepsi’s logo has gradually evolved over the years.

It’s vital to get your company branding right. Check out some of the other articles on the Tegomedia site for more tips and ideas to help you stand out from the crowd; the right way!

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